#NYEats: Tom’s

So, we saw this place listed on LA Eater’s list of places to dine at when in New York, we always try to do our research of good places to eat before we travel so we know where to go and not waste time trying to find places on the spot. We saw that there was tons of good reviews from different sources and been on pretty popular on social media. They were rated one of the best and affordable breakfast/brunch places in Brooklyn. Since we were staying in Brooklyn we thought we’d try to eat there first before heading to New York City for lunch and dinner.

We landed around 6:30AM on a Saturday at JFK and dropped off our luggage at our Airbnb apartment around 7:00AM. We managed to get to the restaurant by 7:30AM. It’s a cozy little place in the corner of Washington and Sterling. There wasn’t a sign that said “Tom’s” rather it was just a white background with large red text letters signage next to a Coca Cola sign that read “Restaurant”. It was cloudy and started to snow when we entered the restaurant. In all honesty didn’t feel like there was any heater in there. LOL. We were sat promptly after we waited for a brief 5 minutes for someone to notice us standing there. We nabbed a booth by the wall that’s decorated with newspaper clippings, odd arrangements of car license plates and photos of the family I’m assuming. The wall was just filled with colors and lights since it was also Christmas.


Surprisingly already quite busy with most of their booth seatings filled (albeit tables and bar was empty). I ordered a vegetarian omelette with egg whites and no cheese, side of house potatoes ($10.50) with hot green tea ($1.75) while the boyfriend ordered a ham and egg Benedict ($11.50) with a cup of Joe ($1.75). When it came out the portions were decent, but it honestly didn’t look that great. The eggs were this brownish color that meant that was overcooked on the pan. I took a bite and the texture was dry and a little dusty because it was cooked too long. The side potatoes were bland and didn’t have much taste or flavor, the dish was disappointing and mediocre at best. The Benedict also didn’t look that great either, rather simple ingredients thrown together with the hollandaise sauce a goopy mess that looked very similar to melted yellow plastic. LOL. But awesome thing was that the tea and coffee has free refills and the staff was able to provide me with a bottle of honey for the tea!

I don’t know… I just wasn’t impressed by the food when LA is pretty good at breakfast and brunch dishes. Maybe I’m a little spoiled by LA quality or we ordered the wrong dishes. (?) I’m definitely willing to give Tom’s another try when I’m in Brooklyn again though, maybe try another dish next time.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
782 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
b/t Sterling Pl & Lincoln Pl 
Prospect Heights, Crown Heights
Sunday 8:00am-9:00pm

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