Hollywood Hike

The good thing about Southern California is that we tend to have pretty dry weather (although scorching at times) that allows us to hike the beautiful trails around our state all year long. I’ve done a few myself but never to the Hollywood sign one. I was allowed the opportunity to hike the Hollywood sign this summer (although even with a half broken leg, I went– but don’t be like me. LOL.) It was exciting to get the chance to go straight up to the sign, perhaps to even take a close up photo of it rather than from afar.

So earlier this summer me and David went with a group of hiking friends (new and old) that was familiar with the trail to meet up in a neighborhood that leads to the back trail that will take us to the sign. I’m not very good with direction but all I can say is that for the most part parking wasn’t hard to find, there was plenty of parallel parking when we went in the morning around 9:00AM-10:00AM although it is on a hill so make sure your wheels are turned in or out when parked! You’ll pass by houses on the way to the trail gate that graciously has pet bowls placed out for hikers with fur kids with them to drink from. How nice of them!


We took the back route from Wonder View to Mt. Lee Summit trail where it wasn’t paved and far more mountainous and difficult (we even had to climb 6 foot cliffs at one point). I was very impressed by how challenging the hike was, the back route through the mountains was definitely not beginner friendly in my opinion. It started off relatively easy then got hard FAST. It required perilous climbs towards the backend and some courage of heights. The front was vigorously steep so make sure you’ve practiced on your stamina and endurance pacing.

I highly recommend having good hiking shoes on as it’s dusty and your regular shoes will lose grip and you’ll slip and fall, it happened to two of our hikers that wore regular shoes. I also advise each person to have minimum 3.5L water pack on warm days. We thought 3.5 liters for two people would be enough. NOPE. We ran out of water when we reached the top and we still had our trip down. Also bring sunblock since there’s not much sun coverage like some hikes do in more forestry destinations. We got MAD sunburn (although we did do this hike in the middle of the afternoon) even though we had put it on right before we started the hike, so definitely lather on generously to save your skin! Active wear also very recommended since you’ll sweat like a crazy motherfucker on hot days. Wicking active wear will help! Also, bring snacks! You can rest and gain some energy back at the wishing tree stop that’s midway!

The top of the Hollywood sigh had a huge flag that blew through the wind for nice picture taking location. There’s also plenty of people as well from the easier paved route of Beachwood Drive so be warned that it might be crowded. With Los Angeles being such a smoggy city the city scape was difficult to see through the smog but nice view regardless though! Definitely fun hike, but duly noted not to hike the trail in a summer’s mid afternoon when it’s hot AF. Hahahaha! Lesson learned. 🙂

For more fun photos from our Hollywood Sign Hike!

Rating: ★★★★★
3500 N. Wonder View Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068

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