Maji Cafe

I had them bookmarked way back when they were located inside a gym, but never got around to it since Arcadia is kind of a trek and it’s crazy ass drivers. I finally made my way to this location since it accommodates groups far better than their Arcadia location when I decided to have dinner with a friends for their birthday. Parking is a little hard to find during peak hours since they share with the rest of the plaza and the fact that they attract bigger crowds and generates more cars that needs to be parked.

When our group walked in, the cafe was very spacious with light wood decor with white paint as a complementary color making the entire restaurant very refreshing. I loved the open concept of their location, large and small tables litter the restaurants with open windows and lights. The front has a host desk where you can jot down your name on a wait list if there is a line then wait to be seated. We were sat promptly at 7:00PM, fortunately it wasn’t too busy yet (but by 8:00PM the place was packed though). They have these really nice long tables for bigger groups that allowed plenty of arm room that I really appreciated.


So, as for the food: 4 stars for their food and 3 for the service. We were handed little food menus (they were created inside one of those photo albums for physical print out photos lol). We ordered a Angry Bear Burger for the boyfriend and a mushroom burger for myself with a side of ginger honey hot tea. When the food came out their portions were definitely generous for the price point and it was made to look so cute! Our burger buns were shaped like bear faces! 😀

The mushroom burger was amazing, the patty was cooked really nice with great savory flavoring with the add-on of the sauteed mushroom and drizzled with a bit of their sauce made the burger deliciously perfect! It also came with a jalapeno and elote corn as well (not really my thing though). The boyfriend also loved this burger as well, and appreciated the fact that he can feel the spiciness of the dish and enjoyed the elote corn with jalapeno pepper.

Our waiter was nice albeit seemed very confused and a little incompetent about the menu when my friends asked about what was inside some of the dishes. He was also very surprised when I inquired if they can make their burgers lettuce wrapped as if he’s never heard of protein burgers and found my question peculiar or something. His confused expression was very apparent. LOL. But I would come again, their food was very delicious and very nice portions for the price. 🙂

For more photos of Maji Cafe!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 12232 Artesia Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701
Monday-Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 12:00PM-5:00PM

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