Lock & Key Social Drinkery

A friend had stumbled upon this cool little place in Downey via YouTube some time ago and had wanted to try this place because they sold “tomahawk steaks” for what he thought was $30.00 (in reality it was $99.00, he misheard the $30.00 that was for something else) LOL. $100 isn’t bad when most places has them for $150 or more. So for his awesome birthday we decided to dine there for dinner. From what we know reservations has to be done at least a week ahead of time at least since they seem very popular (although it says online that they one take reservations on weekdays). Our plans were very last minute because our original plans fell through so we ended up waiting. We knew that it might take at least an hour so me and David went early to put ourselves down for a table. 80% of your group has to be there in order to be sat.

Parking was easy since downtown Downey has two parking structures, although the Porto’s one closes at 10PM so make sure you leave before then if you park at that one. When we entered we were greeted by the hostess at 6PM whom was very pleasant to deal with, she opted to give us the patio table but the weather was unbearably humid so we decided to wait for an indoor table. We were told an hour to an hour and a half. We ended up waiting two and a half hours instead, kinda sucked– longer than we expected. It was great that Porto’s was right next door and we got snacks and hung out there for a bit while we waited so we didn’t starve.

We finally got sat down around 8-8:30PM and was presented with a simple menu of burgers, steaks, cocktails, beers, etc. Their interior ambiance was very dim and pub-like with warm shades of yellow lights complemented by dark wood. I loved the feel of their bar with back lighting and their very fascinating sets of paintings all around the restaurant paired with skateboards. They had a huge bar and are known for their mixed cocktails and actually I believe our waiter said that they brew their own beers too.


Our waiter was a very chill dude and I definitely appreciated how down to earth, attentive and informative he was. It was like talking to a friend rather than a server because you didn’t even have to be polite with him with your language. 🙂 I could be more like myself with the workers here than most places (I tend to talk like a sailor normally LOL). We ended up ordering roasted edamame, “LKSD Burger” (protein style, no cheese) while the boyfriend ordered “The Mess Burger”. The “LKSD” was a grass-fed beef patty burger with secret sauce, tomato, onion and butter lettuce and “The Mess” had similar ingredients but added with chorizo, nacho cheese, charred lemon sour cream, green onions and HOT CHEETOHS! Birthday boy ordered their tomahawk steak of course! LOL.

The roasted edamame came out first. It was very crispy (due to being fire roasted) and seasoned with cajun seasoning. The flavors were good, but I wasn’t a fan of the crispiness of the skin. It was hard to eat and a little oily. I was more familiar with the steamed edamame style and prefer it that method I realized. Their burger patties on the other hand were very delicious, it was juicy, tender and very flavorful. The difference we found with grass-fed beef versus grain-fed regular beef was that it had a deeper natural meaty flavor with that nice subtly of earthiness. Both burgers were very delicious! Now, the tomahawk. We shared one with a table of seven people were able to finish it. I loved how well cooked it was, nice medium rare style– seared nicely on the outside and red on the inside. It was soft and tender and tasted wonderful, although the sides were a little too fatty for my preference!

Waiting time a little too long, so plan accordingly! But definitely a very interesting time and loved the atmosphere and how awesome the staff was. If you’re looking for a very cool and chill time with some pretty awesome staff filled to the brim about alcohol knowledge about beer and mixed cocktails then this place is definitely a place to visit!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 11033 Downey Ave., Downey, CA 90241
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday-Wednesday 11:30PM – 1:00AM
Thursday-Friday 11:30PM – 2:00AM
Saturday 2:00PM – 2:30AM
Sunday 11:30PM – 1:00AM

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