Farmers Market


Located next to the fancy and elaborate The Grove shops is section of lovely restaurants and shops that line against each other that form the Farmers Market. It’s one of my favorite places when we’re in the city area of Los Angeles/Fairfax. It’s outdoors, there’s fresh vegetables and food that gets prepared by the store owners to start their day and for their usual lunch rush during the weekends. There’s always plenty of seating with umbrellas sprayed opened to cover you from the sun, but be wary when it gets busy it’s hard to find open tables!

Everything is fascinating and I love all the different and diverse stores and restaurants. You can find all different kinds of ethnic foods here: Chinese, Mediterranean, Spanish, etc. as well as shopping areas around it. We’ve been to the tea shop, T (Tea Shoppe) and had ordered their honey green tea there before. It’s not the best, but really the only place there you can get close to the Asian iced teas and bobas one might be looking for. We’ve also wandered into Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market and that market place was exquisite! It was charming, space was large that included their own restaurant outside with patio seating. They had all the tidbits that one needs in their fridge from wine selections to all different kinds of cheeses. They also had cooking books and cooking utensils as well! I definitely would want to try giving them a try for brunch! 🙂

Parking is relatively spacious, although can be a clusterfuck during peak times and you can validate it at any of the Farmers’ Market stores if you choose to park in the parking lot on the Farmers Market side. If not, The Grove section has their own parking structure you can park at. The place also turns into a wonderful light show of fantastic lights and displays during Christmas if anyone is interested in coming during the holiday season!

I would also highly advise coming any time before 12:30PM on the weekends. We got there at 11:00AM on a Saturday morning and barely anyone was around except a few people that were shopping, although by the time we left around 1:00PM, the market was packed.

For more photos of Farmers Market!

Rating: ★★★★★
Address: 6333 W.3rd St.Los Angeles, CA 90036

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