Recently, I stumbled upon a recipe for meatballs on Buzzfeed that included orange glaze and panko breading. Overall it looked delicious, but being one that has a low carb diet I thought about a method of trying it without panko breading. I ended up opting out of the orange glaze (since it didn’t seem that appetizing) and panko breading and WOW was I surprised how well it turned out! Rest assured it was very delicious and very easy to make although a bit tedious when rolling all them meatballs out.

Ingredients Needed:
2 lb Ground Beef (or 3lb Ground Turkey)
2 Eggs (3 Eggs)
6 Cloves of Garlic (8 Cloves)
1 tbs Ginger, sliced
4 tbs Green Onion, diced
4 tbs Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste
Olive Oil


Before starting, always remember to preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Get two baking pans out and overlay it with a sheet of foil. Now take a large bowl and place the ground beef inside. Take your ginger, green onion and garlic and dice them until they are fine pieces before dumping them into the bowl. Measure out your soy sauce and grind in your salt and pepper inside. Mix until all ingredients are incorporated!

Now using your hands, roll a bit of the meat mixture in between your hands until a meatball is formed. Place it on the baking sheet. Two pounds of ground beef, depending on what size you make your meatballs should hail about 25 meatballs if you make them a little bit bigger than a golf ball. 32-36 if you use go with three pounds of meat. I usually like to make three rows of six meatballs per tray if meat permits and before sticking it into the oven I drizzle each meatball with some olive so that it doesn’t stick on the foil when it’s done.

Once inside the oven, set the timer to 15 minutes. Check them at 12 minutes. When it’s done it’ll give you nice and tender meatball with great flavor! The ginger gives it a nice kick, if you like that kick you can definitely add more than one tablespoon of ginger. 🙂

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