Black Pepper Beef

Some time ago we got into Crock-Pot recipes and found one that was turned out delicious. Although not the simplest or shortest method of cooking (needed to be overnight), I was glad David gave it a try anyways. The meat was tender and very flavorful with the spices and vegetables that we cooked the beef with.

Ingredients Needed:
Beef Sirloin, cubed
2 Red Bell Peppers
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
½ White Onion
1 Tomato
1 cube Beef or Chicken Bouillon
Garlic Salt
1 tsp Sugar
3 tbs Soy Sauce
1 tsp Salt & Pepper
3 tsp Olive Oil


Prepare a Crock-Pot, we have a 2.5 quart one that we used. Now cut the onion and red and yellow bell peppers as well as the tomatoes. Pan sear the beef sirloin roast on high heat for about a minute on each side then cut them into cubes. Place the meat inside the Crock-Pot with soy sauce, sugar, salt and pepper and garlic salt. Also add in a quarter cup of hot water and add in the olive oil and beef bouillon. Now add in the rest of the ingredients (vegetables).

Cook the meat overnight on medium heat and it’ll be ready by morning time! 🙂

Works great for lunch or dinner since we prepped this for lunch (for 2) and had much more leftovers that it was also enough for dinner for three more people. The meat was so scrumptious, loved the how tender it became with the overnight cooking that it basically melted in my mouth when eating it. Hope you guys enjoy this dish as much as me and David! It’s definitely worth a try! 🙂

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