Blue Bowl

Located in a small plaza that faces the street, it has a rather strange parking lot that melds to the street. You ought to be careful when you back your car up as it will go into the busy street that connects to an active intersection. They also have parking in the back I believe as the front ones only has about 8 spots or so and there are multitude of businesses that has many patrons as well. Each section of the parking spots always seems to have some sort of sign that designates which store it belongs to, but I was told that businesses are pretty understanding and basically shares so long it’s not too long.

Upon entering the store it was very warm and not what I was used to for a bowl bar. I specifically describe “bowl” is because they don’t juice here or sell anything else besides acai/pitaya bowls. They don’t do smoothies, juices, or light savory snacks like normal juice bars. Although I always assumed that even bowl bars usually keep their stores chilly to keep the ingredients fresh. We got in line and looked over their ingredients.

I’m no stranger to acai/pitaya bowl rather I’m actually pretty well versed in the world of energy bowls and it’s one of my favorite things to eat and found this concept pretty cool. It was almost like a build your own yogurt bar except with energy bowls laced with a variety of toppings. I did notice that their blend was already pre-blended placed in a small fridge then scooped out rather than freshly blending it (what I’m accustomed to). Their bowls came in two sizes: 12 oz ($7.00) or 16 oz ($9.00), sizes were definitely smaller than the places I frequent back home around Chino Hills and Walnut area where a regular was 24 oz ($7.00) and a large was 32 oz ($9.00).


I ordered a 16 oz Pitaya Bowl with hemp & lowfat almond granola from the granola section, strawberry and banana for the fruit toppings, toasted coconut and almonds for the seeds category, and  lastly a light drizzle of agave. The cool thing is that they had many other options like organic raw unsweetened coconut shreds, sweetened coconut, chia seeds, basil seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberry, raisins, etc. and a wide variety of other toppings although their fruit toppings seemed lacking they only had strawberry, bananas and blueberries. Good thing I only like mine with strawberry and bananas in m bowl.

With that being said, my final opinion of the blend? It was bland in flavor as if the blend was purely only blended with pitaya whereas I do enjoy the subtle additions of blended strawberry, bananas, and added juice or coconut/almond milk. It gives it more complexity in my opinion. The texture was much icier than I had liked like it had been in the freezer too long. I prefer if the blend was less frozen and just softer so it that it has a smoother texture when eaten. On the other hand I did very much enjoy the toasted coconut and if other businesses had that option I would definitely order it more often.

It was overall a little on the expensive side for the portion when I’ve had much better valued and quality bowls closer to home. I’d recommend looking at Sustain Juicery or Nature’s Juice!

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Address: 417 S. Main St., Orange, CA, 92868
Monday – Saturday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Closed Sunday

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