Pine Haven Cafe

Tucked in the crevices of a hotel, Pine Haven Cafe is a gem of a breakfast place in Upland. I found this place through Yelp thanks to the bookmarking of many other fellow Yelpers I was lucky enough to find time to try this place back in December prior to Christmas shopping. Next to the hotel was a bunch of car mechanic places when we tried to look for this place, but thankfully they all had plenty of parking. They had spaces right in front of the restaurant that’s handicap if I remember correctly.

The place doesn’t quite look like a regular restaurant rather a meeting room with a banquet table in the center that was decorated with Christmas lights and decorations although you can hear the sizzle and light clangs of kitchenware pass a window and realize that there’s a chef working hard in his kitchen. We were promptly sat by very friendly waitresses by a window, it wasn’t super busy but they definitely had a few tables of customers and one that was a huge family of what seemed to be 10-12. The waitresses were amazing to every single table from what I can hear and see and to us as well.


Boyfriend ordered the Chicken Fried Chicken with hash brown casserole (hash brown cooked with cheese), scrambled eggs, and sourdough bread. I had their delicious Egg White Vegetarian Omelette (no cheese and toast) filled with mushrooms, onions, broccoli and a hearty piece of avocado with a side of their house skillet potatoes. While we waited they give out complementary homemade potato chips. They definitely tasted homemade and fresh as the slices of potatoes were nice and thin and full of flavor.

Once our food arrived: Oh. My. Lawd. The food was beyond delicious. The chicken was so tender on the inside that it just melted on my tongue. The flavor was so well put together and mouthwatering that I actually asked for another piece of the chicken meat. As for their veggie omelette, it was also remarkably scrumptious with soft pillowy egg whites cooked with an assortment of vegetables to perfection. The broccoli wasn’t hard and chewy, the mushrooms were sauteed with striking flavors giving the entire dish a very tasty earthy and natural sauce. Their house skillet potatoes were amazing as well, soft and so decadent on the tongue. It was cooked with red bell peppers and onions and had such wonderful complementary flavors. Our meal for the both of us came out to only $24.00 too! Which is pretty cheap considering I’m so used to paying $40.00+ at other breakfast places.

We were even able to meet the chef, he was boisterous and funny man with a great attitude. The waitresses treated everyone like family and so accommodating and observant to every single one of their customers’ needs. I originally ordered my dish with hash brown casserole not knowing it was cooked with cheese but our waitress (Petite Asian girl with glasses) came back when she noticed I ordered my omelette with no cheese and notified me that the has brown was cooked with cheese. I was able to change my order before it made a bigger problem down the line.

This place is definitely worth a visit by everyone! 🙂 For more photos of Pine Haven’s delicious goods check out the photos here!

Rating: ★★★★★
Address: 1191 E Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA 91786
Tues.-Sat: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sun.: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

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