Aroma Craft Coffee

I’d like to start the new year off with an amazing little place that I stumbled upon via Yelp as well as passing by this cafe for the last three years or so since one of my workplace stores is their neighbor. They used to be just a coffee tasting bar from what I remember and they decided to expand because they were so popular with their customers. I never realized they had become a cafe until recently and was a coincidence that they were in 5 minute driving distance from home too. We’ve stopped by twice and both times we had an amazing experience. Also, don’t let the fact that they’re located in an industrial office building fool you into thinking they’re not there. šŸ™‚

There’s plenty of parking that’s quite close to the store so don’t fret if you’re handicapped or disabled. They have spots right in front of the store and even then the ones parallel to the storefront ones aren’t that far of a distance. We walked in and they had a few seats usually for their customers to self-seat after they order. One of the nice things about this place is that their menu is small and not so vast that it takes forever to decide what to eat and everything they’ve created so far as been nothing but tasteful.


My sister loves their Charcuterie Board ($12.00) that comes with cheese of all kind partnered with different meats like their self-made prosciutto that’s only lightly salted (very delicious), roasted salami that wasn’t overwhelmingly salty either and has a wonderful toasted flavor, and golden figs. I myself (and my sister) love their Mushroom Toast ($8.00) sans toast that is cooked with scrambled eggs in perfection that they’re still runny and soft on top of fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms and topped with a cherry tomato. It’s wonderful in texture and flavors are all light and dainty so that it doesn’t cover the entirety of your mouth’s palate. My sister tried their Wild Salon Puff Pastry ($8.00) the second time we went and wasn’t too thrilled about the flavors. The cooked salmon flavor was very strong and it wasn’t something she enjoyed.

We’ve also ordered their Organic Chrysanthemum ($5.00) hot tea and their hot Lavender tea ($5.00). The chrysanthemum tasted very delicious, it was floral with a light hint of sweetness. It’s perfect for a cold winter SoCal weather. šŸ™‚ Now the lavender tea was solely ordered by my sister since I’ve tasted lavender tea myself and I always found the flavor too sharp in floral essence and my sister agreed after taking a few sips of the organic lavender tea. The tea wasn’t bad, just wasn’t a flavor that fit either of our own personal preference.

As for the staff, they are beyond awesome with stellar customer service. When I ordered my Mushroom Toast on the last visit I had nonchalantly mentioned that I loved mushrooms through small chat with I believe his name was Jerry (staff, might even be owner). Without even a second thought he brought an extra bowl of mushrooms for me when my dish was served without me even asking. SO NICE. Jerry even brought us out extra house prepped roasted beef when we inquired where the salami from our Charcuterie Board went since we loved it the first time we ordered it (we weren’t upset or anything since there were much more prosciutto given, just curious). They’re just so generous here. :’) We always leave with a smile when we come here. Thanks for an amazing time, Aroma!

Rating:Ā ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…
Address: 20265 Valley Blvd q, Walnut, CA 91789
Hours:Ā Monday ā€“ SundayĀ  10:00 AM ā€“ 7:00 PM

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