Thai District

We were in Long Beach for the annual motorcycle show when the hunger feels struck. Having been around the closer restaurants (mostly American) like Bubba Gump’s and Yard House, we were looking for something different to eat. We also wanted something close enough where we didn’t have to drive since we had paid for parking and we were familiar with the fact that Long Beach doesn’t have many areas that has free parking. We hopped onto Yelp and luckily found this place in downtown Long Beach that was only 3 blocks away from the convention center.

We walked our way to the restaurant and found the place among an array of many other eats in downtown Long Beach that looked all very appetizing. When we walked in it was relatively quiet and slow with three other tables filled as we were sat immediately by a very friendly waiter. This restaurant also has an upstairs area for dining for busy nights as confirmed by my boyfriend when he went to use their restroom.


We ordered their Grilled Beef Salad ($10.00), Drunken Noodles ($10.00), Tom Yum Soup ($5.00), Fresh Coconut ($5.00), and Thai Tea ($3.00). The prices were all very affordable and ranged relatively the same as the Thai restaurants back home like Banana Bay, Orchid Thai Cuisine, and Baby Elephant. Their Grilled Beef Salad was amazingly delicious with a very nice and light tamarind dressing that’s little bit sweet and tangy. It complimented the thinly sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes while giving the grilled beef a very nice flavor too. I loved the fact that their cucumbers were thinly sliced as I always found that was the problem with other Thai places. Many other places Had a habit of throwing in really thick pieces of cucumber and letting that overwhelm their salad dish.

The boyfriend also really enjoyed his Drunken Noodles and found it to be one of his favorites among the places he’s eaten at. The noodles were especially a nice size where it wasn’t too thick or thin and gave the dish a nice aroma and texture. I also loved the addition of green beans in this dish which allowed an extra crunchy texture. The other thing I really liked about this place was their fresh coconut, I definitely recognized the opening done by Coco Jack AND that the inside was scooped already to my amazement. It saved me a wondrous amount of work having to scrape the coconut meat out myself.

Not but not least, the staff here (or the single waiter working when we dined in) was amazing and really nice. He had a very calming persona and always made sure our food and needs were met. This place is definitely gives off a classy feel as opposed to many other Thai places I’ve been to that feels more homey and casual, so that’s a nice change of pace. 🙂 I’d come back again for that grilled beef salad again!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 149 Linden Ave. Ste E, Long Beach, CA 90802
Tuesday-Thursday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday 11:00am – 10:30pm
Saturday 12:00pm – 10:30pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 10:00pm

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