It’s almost Christmas day, do you hear the whispers of the night as it cascades towards morning? Shimmering twilight will break past the mountains and it’ll be a new day on Christmas morning. Tis the season as many feelings the holiday invokes is that of gratefulness as well as appreciation. One of the places that has my emotions bound like that is the Crunch gym in Diamond Bar. You may be perplexed as to why a place like a gym would have part of my heart and devotion for the past year? It’s not because of the gym itself rather the people in it that makes the place woven together tightly into a beautiful and warm blanket.

It’ll be almost exactly 2 years since I joined this gym and I’ve become a person that had an okay commitment to this place to one is that is devoted to the time to Crunch that I began working out 10 hours a week Monday through Friday with my full time job. I’ve taken many classes here and has enjoyed almost every single one of them. One of the many things that made me stay with this location aside from the multitude of classes offered was and is the staff that works here. I give them my gratitude for always being so awesome and chill with my shenanigans (which I sometimes do much of there LOL).


Now as for the payment I find that the best method is the full year payment rather than the monthly installments as you have to a pay enrollment fee (I think it’s like $99.00 or something) and a $38.00 maintenance fee. I believe enrollment is voided if you pay everything up front so I didn’t have to worry about anything and it’s been great so far. Johnny, Rick and the other staff members have been awesome to us from the start. Although you can’t temporarily freeze that setup if something were to stop you from coming to the gym, but you can if you do monthly payments. So up to you to pick and choose which system works best for you.

If you’re wondering what the staff that works here is like, I can tell you they are really amazing and what keeps this place fun:
Dean L.: To an amazing personal trainer that has always been a positive ray of light for everyone that he trains. He’s kind, passionate, and very patient with his clients’ needs and wants. He also knows when to push a person to make gains so that you can reach your goals and has been amazing at being a great trainer. Dean’s also very easy to talk to and get along with as well. I definitely recommend him if you need or want any personal training!

Irina H.: She’s more than amazing in my book, her heart is the size of an endless universe and the color of gold. She’s one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever had with her gentle attitude and guidance when it comes to learning new poses. She’s taught me so much in gaining inner strength. She’s a teacher I definitely look forward to on Crunch’s schedule.

Simona O.: One of the coolest front desk girls you’ll meet and she makes working out more fun. She’s humorous, caring and really fun to talk to as well as someone awesome to hang with. If you need help with your membership card, classes, or guest sign in she’s the one you can ask for help.

Rick A.: He usually works night shifts and has been one of the best guys I’ve met there that works the front desk. He’s amazingly understanding of situations and very generous. I love the fact that he has such a mellow attitude and makes him very adaptable and easy to get along with. His jokes and sarcasm is always appreciated when I see him. 🙂

Brian H.: The general manager with a strong attitude and personality. He’s the one you can seek out if you need to sign up for personal training, do membership, update credit cards and so forth.

Travis J. is the new fitness manager here and seems nice as a person, he’s someone you can talk to if you want to talk in depth about training or workout supplements and so on. There are a few other personal trainers like Tyler (whom I find funny and his jokes charming), Megan, Fig, Kevin, and Kenny whom are all very good at what they do. You won’t be disappointed.

The vast array of classes are offered Monday-Thursdays and weekends, I’ve currently taken a few like: Yoga Body Sculpt (favorite class with Irina), Chisel, Zumba w/ Bursts, Zumba, Cutthroat Cardio, and Bootcamp (one of my second favorite): A burst circuit training with high intensity workshop overseen by manager Matt R. and done by awesome trainers like Megan, Fig, and Tyler. It was about an hour long and definitely works out the arm, legs, and core with weights and bosu balls. All their classes has been great from my experience.

The locker is still much cleaner than most gyms I’ve been to although the showers could use a deep cleaning in my opinion since many females like to leave balls of hair by the shower drain. Also better area for showering stuff would be nice as well like the desk they have for blow drying and bags near the hand sinks. Now the gym, they have three squat racks (two machine and one free weight), three benches (one incline), two power towers for leg raises and many other free weights to use. I personally would love it more if they had more free weight squat racks and benches so that people don’t have to fight for them in terms of who comes next. Lines for equipment can get very long so be warned. I do love that they have many bosu balls and pilate mats. Although they do have enough equipment for me to create different routines if the weight equipment gets too full.

Now, if people took the time to get to see and realize what is around them, they’ll realize just how amazing some places and people can be. 🙂

Rating: ★★★★★
Address: Diamond Bar Town Center, 1132 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Monday – Thursday  5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 5:00AM – 9:00PM
Saturday-Sunday 5:00AM – 7:00PM

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