Summer’s around the corner and that means the impending SoCal heat wave is coming… Usually means my hankering for ice cream (cravings that comes in sudden tidal waves unfortunately) are in the horizon. There is this hope that the refreshing creaminess of ice cream will appease the oncoming sweltering weather.

With the abdication of dairy goods, it’s hard to find any ice cream that’s not made out of milk at the local grocery store. Although there are efforts to start bringing non-dairy items into the market places now. I can clearly see with the introduction of coconut milk, almond milk, and soy milk. There’s also a few pretty awesome brands that are coming up with some awesome and delicious sounding dairy-free and soy-free desserts.

But I digress, what I’m here to say is that I’ve found making my own popsicles to be a fun, tasty, healthy, and cheap alternative to buying ice cream. I’ve tried a few variety that included juices and coconut milk. I find either one works quite well depending on the texture and flavor you’re aiming for. Coconut milk will give you of course a milkier consistency than juice, although juice popsicles are much more refreshing in my opinion.


There are a few items that you would need in the making of your own popsicles which starts with the popsicle mold to which you can find at any of your local supermarkets. I usually head to Daiso to get mine, comes in pastel colors and allows you to make up to 4 popsicles at a time (I try not to make too many in one go as I don’t eat it that often). Not to mention it’s cheap, one mold for $1.50.

Next you’ll be need to choose what kind of popsicle you want to make. Here’s a list of flavors I find quite fun and tasty:

Popsicle Flavor Suggestions:
Fresh squeezed OJ
Fresh pressed apple juice (i.e. Julian Pie Co. fresh pressed apple cider)
Iced green tea
Coconut milk (toss in some organic coconut flakes for extra texture!)
Matcha green tea

Adding fruits and other herbs/flowers are also ways to make them a little more unique. I love adding coconut shavings or fruit pieces to my own creations. I’ve yet to try something like mint leaves (sounds delicious though!).

Pour your choice of juice/liquid into the molds and stick the popsicle holder into each one then pop them into the fridge for about 4 hours. The prep time is insanely short if you choose not to press your own juices. Have fun and pay yourself on the back for making your own popsicles!

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