Mondays are awful, just awful.

I find Mondays to be the hardest day to get back to work or any routine really. Mondays feels like I’m meandering through a thick swamp (fog included) and it takes forever to get back to shore.This is also true when it comes to working out and trying to zone in on work. But everyone likes to think that I’ve got it easy, that I simply get up and go. That because I dedicate 200% of my effort into my health and work life that somehow I’ve got it easier than everyone else.

Truth is, I don’t. I falter just like everyone else does. I’m human and susceptible to lazy days as well. I get the days where I just want to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing, but it’s always a choice and sometimes there are repercussions from the actions that we take or do not take (for instance, you chose not to do your homework until the hour before it’s due, then of course you’re scurrying to get it done). It’s not that I get it easier, it’s that I get the results that I want  because of my will power and commitment that I made to myself . I don’t go into things half-assed and expect to get a glorious response. There’s a sense of equivalent exchange in everything we do. You put the effort in to get your desired answer. If I want something, then I’ll have to work hard for it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t trip and fall in the process.

It’s because I always want to do my best at whatever it is that I’m doing, I give it my all. As a result people used to jeer at me and called me an “overachiever” in elementary school and college (omitted high school because I went through a REALLY typical teen angsty phase) because I went above and beyond what was outlined in the syllabus. I used to worry that maybe I should stop trying so hard and that I needed to make sure everyone else looked equally good in front of the teachers and professors. I blamed myself for making other people look bad (never intentionally). Somehow one day I realized why the fuck I cared so much about what other people said about me. They VOLUNTARILY CHOSE not to put effort into what they did, why should I degrade myself down to their level? I’ve worked hard for what I did and I should be proud because I want to stand out and be amazing. I’m going to be the awesome bad ass motherfucker of my story. I am not going to let anyone else tell me otherwise.

Because at the end of the day, they’re just words. Don’t let other people’s perception of you faze you just because they can’t achieve what you’ve earned yourself. So long as your close friends and family know who you are, that’s all that matters. You are an amazing motherfucker and you have to strut that confidence. “You’re such a fucking overachiever.” they said. I say: Thanks for the compliment!

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