The elusive deliciousness of that single protein burger. I remember the first time hearing about it in high school and thought to myself: “Why the hell would anyone want to eat a burger without buns? Sounds sacrilegious.” That is until I was introduced to In-n-Out’s menu of customizable burgers which included this unicorn of a thing we call “the protein style burger” Which is basically a low carb version of their burgers without the bun (wrapped in lettuce instead).

I was skeptical and hesitant to try, but I it tried nonetheless and it was surprisingly DELICIOUS. It wasn’t until I aimed for a healthier diet and cut out the heavier carbs from my diet that I started ordering protein styled burgers from restaurants. It may be a little difficult and strange at first, but it’s as easy as inquiring if chefs/restaurants are willing to make an exception by excluding the burger and wrapping the patty in lettuce. You’ll be surprised by how many places are pretty cool with it.

While most of my meals consists of chicken salads, occasionally I switch it up with homemade protein burgers. Very simple recipe and easy dish to make! 🙂

The ingredients needed:
1 pound of ground beef (you can choose whatever meat you want)
1 sliced red skinned onion (or white/brown)
1 heart of romaine lettuce (iceberg if you choose to)
1 sliced tomato

There are different types of lean ground meats you can purchase at the market and depending on what your budget is, purchase accordingly. Although I will mention that I wouldn’t go any lower than 80% lean 20% fat as then you lose the purpose of trying to aim for a healthier burger alternative even if the meat is cheaper (unfortunate that eating healthy isn’t as affordable as eating the junky stuff). The market near my home has an option of 90% lean 10% fat ratio but REALLY expensive ($11.00 a pound) so I would go for the 85% lean 15% fat which is about half the price ($5.00 a pound). It still gives great flavor.

Simple steps to procuring patty:
1. Take the ground beef and give it a little salt and pepper love (other spices will work if that is your thangg), knead it thoroughly.
2. Depending on how big you want your patty, roll ground meat into balls accordingly (remember that the meat will shrink on the grill).
3. Take the balls of meat and you can either flatten it with your hands OR if you have a portable griddler, you can use the grill top to flatten the balls of ground meat.
4. Grill until 165 degrees (use food thermometer if needed) or when it turns that nice crispy brown color.

After the patties are done, proceed to plate with the romaine as your base, but first make sure it’s not too hot or the lettuce will wilt. Then add your toppings of onions and tomatoes to your liking!

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