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One of the guilty pleasures of the workout world to me personally is getting to purchase gear for it. Like all aspects of sports and hobbies, there are a particular sets of things that comes with that category. Take for example golfing, you’d need golf clubs and a bag to carry your golf clubs, archery consists of the bow and arrow, for soccer you have cleats and jerseys, etc. Working out (lifting weights and yoga in my case) is the same, you start to accumulate items along the way once you get more into it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many work out clothing items I have, to the point where I’m pretty sure I own more workout clothing than I do normal clothing. LOL.

I run several different brands, I’m not exactly a brand whore or anything when it comes to clothing, but there are a few that are better than some. I’m currently wearing mostly Live, Love, Dream (Aeropostle workout brand) one of the more affordable brands on the market (they always have constant sales around $10-$12 a piece) if you choose to purchase the ones that don’t come with padding (which means wearing a bra underneath). Usually the ones that comes with heavier padding so you can opt out of wearing an extra bra underneath are more expensive, but I think it’s worth the investment (personal preference). The latter (for LLD brand) usually has the right amount of cushion to help keep everything in while working out without the fear of  spillage and nipples poking through thinner fabric.

There’s also Forever21’s Activewear that I quite enjoy, most of their pieces comes with padding and wicked (helps with drying sweat) material that runs on the more expensive side ($21-$30 a piece). Very comfortable and has the same support as LLD, but better since quality is higher and they come in cute colors and designs. Then there’s Avia Sportswear, these are okay, but also comes in cute colors and good overall shape design. It’s also an affordable brand ($12-$14 a piece) at Walmart. Only thing I didn’t quite like is the fact that the padding folds and moves when I wash it, quite annoying.

Workout pants I usually like volleyball shorts/yoga leggings that are compression like that helps with sweat and it’s light in fabric so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing heavy sweats. I also like to purchase random ones from online stores, but be very careful when you do. You want to make sure the fabric isn’t so thin that when you do squats or simply bending over your panties aren’t showing through as some cheap brands will use low quality fabric. Looser running pants like the ones Champion (shone in photo) has aren’t too bad, but doesn’t work very well in yoga when you’re lifting yourself into the air, I noticed the pants would fall and BOOM pantie shot from the front. But they work very well when lifting weights and squats.


As for water bottles, my favorite so far is the KOR ONE bottle (750 mL in mint). It’s large enough to store more water than my previous bottles, it’s sturdy and VERY pretty to look at (not to mention Tony Stark has one as well ;)) I’ve gone through several bottles before settling on this one. There were plenty of no name bottles that I bought and dinged up, the more recent ones included Contigo (in pink) and Blogilates Infuser Bottle both were a little on the thin side so it didn’t hold as much water and ice would melt relatively quick because the material of the bottle isn’t very thick so it doesn’t insulate well.

I lift weights and do yoga and for those I currently own Meister gloves and Gaiam 5mm mat for those two. I have two pairs of gloves one in the car and one at home just in case I forget one or the other. The Meister gloves are a little thinner than my colorguard ones that I own, but the Meister does have these really nice finger tabs that help you pull off your nasty sweaty hands afterwards and nice sticky grips. Some people will give you the stink eye when they realize you use gloves, but those people can go fuck off with their gross calluses and cut hands. As for yoga mats, I haven’t tired any other brand besides Gaiam (and some no one mat I got for free at a yoga expo that was terrible in quality) because I’m hella anal when it comes to aesthetics. Gaiam provided quality and good design that I was looking for, I mean look at this beauty:


At the moment, I do own two mats, one in 3mm and one 5mm. I definitely like the thicker one as opposed to the thinner 3mm one. It helped much more with headstands and arm balances with the cushion it provided so it didn’t feel like I was touching the ground.

Now all of this needs to be put somewhere, no? Of course! The one I have now is a teal mint color Runetz (size large) gym bag. I had gym bag from LLD previously, but didn’t quit what I was looking for. There’s a few points that a gym bag needs to qualify to be useful:
1. Shoe compartment with ventilation
2. Clothing Space
3. Sectioned compartments for phone and other necessities
Aero’s LLD branded gym bags didn’t provide any of these so placing my clothing and shoes inside was a chore. But after some searching I landed upon Runetz’s site on Amazon. It fulfilled all the needs that I was looking for so I gave it try. Still loving it at the moment!


At the end of the day, you just want to make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear and that it helps you with what you’re trying to gain. Looking good is just the bonus that comes with it. 😉

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