Good morning! Whilst it’s not quite sunny outside, but still loving the cooler weather. A great time to talk about one of my favorite things: snacks. It’s not yet dinner time, but it’s already way past lunch time (and you’ve already eaten your lunch) yet the familiar sound bubbles from the deepest depth of your abdomen… It roars to life in unexpected loudness as you cringe in hopes your coworkers in the next cubicle didn’t hear it. You’re hungry AF.

Honey, been there done that on a daily basis. It’s these moments that tempts you to go to the vending machine down the hall and get yourself a bag of chips or that delicious little spongecake of death filled with its frosty white cream on the inside. Temptation at its best. Let just tell you there are better and healthier ways to snack when you’re hungry during what I’d like to call “The Inbetween” those dreaded hours between lunch and dinner.

My personal favorites is dried fruits and occasionally granola I purchase from my nearest whole foods market. I have a few different selections of dried fruits I keep in my drawer that I like to munch on when I get the hunger growls. Also, I always try to go for the sugar-free or less sugar options if it’s available.

Healthier Snack Options:
1. Dried Bananas (Local Wal-Mart Market)
2. Dried Mangoes (Costco or Wal-Mart)
3. Dried Apricots (Sprouts, Albertsons)
4. Dried Cranberries (Costco, Sprouts, Trader Joes)
5. Plain Granola (Mother’s Market)
6. Almond Butter w. Granola (Trader Joe’s for the Almond Butter)
7. Almond Butter w. Bananas (Trader Joe’s for the Almond Butter)

Great thing about all of these is that you can keep them int he convenience of your drawer or office fridge (for the almond butter). 🙂

Happy eating!

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