People often ask me what I eat for my meals and to be honest, it’s not very exciting. Perhaps it’s because I can basically eat the same thing every day and not get bored of it that often. Which I find rare since most people I know need that constant change in flavor or texture or else they won’t eat it. Maybe that’s why it’s consistently easy for me to make healthy meals.

1 Banana
2-3 cups of 24 oz water tumbler that I bring to work with me

Mixed Green Salad
Side of Fruits or Cooked Protein (Scrambled eggs, chicken, beef, vegetables in rotation)
Cup of green tea

Chicken Breast or Steak (most often chicken since I’m not big on beef)
Side of Protein (Eggs, Sweet Yams, Potatoes)



Generally this is what I’ve been eating every day for the last two and half years, of course the weekends are a little different as I tend to eat out. But even then it’s usually the same thing, I try and opt for salads or protein burgers whenever I’m eating out. Although I find soup based stuff pretty good too like hot pot, shabu shabu, and Souplantation and the like. I’ll try and elaborate in another post on what I like to eat when I go out. 🙂

Although I occasionally like to switch it up a bit by having things like lettuce cups, lettuce wraps, or a bowl of soup from one of the stores located near my work. With this kind of meal setup I’ll guarantee you you’ll end up having one of the most regulated bowel movements out of all your friends. It’s very fibrous due to all the greens and fruits I eat, which isn’t too bad if you don’t mind heading to the shitter 2-3 times a day.

Then of course I let myself have a cheat snack every so often (2-3 times a month). I think my guilty pleasure is Cheez-Its, those little squares of deliciousness are so goooood! But it gives me such terrible gas afterwards, sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it at all. 😐 But everyone deserves a moment of reward, life’s too short to not have Cheez-Its. Lmao.

You can’t control every aspect of your life, but you can control what goes into your body. So treat it like it’s your temple. So what are your eating habits like? And what is your stance in cheat days?

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