Acai & Pitaya


These delicious energy bowls are one of my favorite items to make and eat. They’re so versatile in terms of what they can be used for. You can make one as a substitute for a whole meal or make one as a snack when you feel the rumbles of hunger come rippling through. I love them for their simplicity and their delicate flavors of the acai berry or pitaya (dragon fruit) base and with all the plethora of toppings you can add, the options are almost limitless.

I love pitaya just a tad bit more than the acai berry since the acai berry has a more herbal quality to it whereas the pitaya is lighter in taste. But they’re both very good and I don’t even care if it’s “trendy” and “hip”, because it’s delicious as fuck and at the end of the day that’s whats important. Not to mention they’re much healthier dessert/meal options than a hamburger, pizza, chicken wings, ice cream, donuts, and the like.

But I warn you now, pitaya will make you shit, and make you shit pink. Literally, PINK POOP because of its fibrous contents. It’ll keep your bowel movements regular! Hooray for timely poop sessions and less constipation! The other good news is that pitaya is high in vitamin-C giving your immune system a natural boost. They also stimulate the activity of other antioxidants in the body as well as actively seek out and eliminate free radicals (you know, the dangerous byproducts of cell metabolism).

So, where do you get this awesome bowl of superfood you ask? Well, I’ve been on the hunt in my area and few other cities to locate places that sell these scrumptious bowls and found a few places that I’ve tried and some I that are still bookmarked and worth making a visit to in the future.

1. Sustain Juicery, Chino Hills (5★)
2. Nature’s Juice, Walnut (4★)
3. Ubatuba Acai, Los Angeles (4★)
4. Nektar Juice Bar, Pasadena (4★)
5. Sambazon Acai Cafe, Newport Beach (3★)
6. Elements Natural Foods, West Covina (3★)
7. Jamba Juice, Las Vegas (2★)
8. Growl Juice Bar, Orange (2★)
9. Vitality Bowl, Brea
10. Acai Republic, Tustin
11. Harvest Bar, Sherman Oaks
12. Bowl of Heaven, Tustin
13. Juice it Up!, Chino
14. Berry Bowl, Los Angeles

Feel free to leave me a suggestion if you know any other places around the Los Angeles area that sells these bowls! I’m always down to explore new places that sells these healthier alternatives! 🙂 Check in next week as I will be showing you how to make these very bowls in your own home!

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