#YYCEats: Tavern 1883

This was our very first restaurant that we tried. Most of the places we’ve tried on this trip was from Yelp and so was Tavern 1883 that was located at Downtown Canmore. Luckily Downtown Canmore was only a few miles away from Dead Man’s Flat (3-5ish miles if I remember correctly). It had good reviews and the food looked delicious from the photos so we headed out that way.

Downtown Canmore was an amazing little town surrounded by snow capped mountains all around. The views are simply amazing! Most of the parking is street parking with meter, but weekends are free so we were able to snag one when we first arrived. We parked right next to a bridge that had a beautiful river running through the town. Tavern 1883 looks like a warm house situated towards the end of the town with a cozy patio of outside seating. When we entered, they were very busy because it was basketball playoff and hockey night, but we got lucky that there was one last table of two open when we arrived before the family dinner rush came in.


I loved the atmosphere, very pubby/tavern(ish) with a beer bar and wood everything making the feeling very warm and welcoming. Since it was very chilly outside, heater was on full blast, which I appreciated. We walked in and the hostess was very friendly and sat us down promptly. Although I will say getting the waitress to get our order did take awhile though. When we finally did hail a waitress down, we ordered their Tavern burger (I asked for lettuce wrap), gnocchi, and fried brussels sprouts.

Their brussels sprouts was surprisingly delicious (I am NOT a fan of brussels sprouts LOL). It wasn’t as bitter as I thought it was going to be and the seasoning they used on the outside complemented it very well. As for the burger, the Alberta beef used in it was AMAZING. I’ve been trying to figure a method to describe the meat texture, it’s definitely different from American beef. I just don’t exactly know how except that it’s very tasty! Unfortunately, the boyfriend did not like his gnocchi because the dough to potato ratio was really off (too much dough) and wasn’t to his liking.

The four stars was mostly for my Tavern burger dish and the very boisterous and warm atmosphere!

Rating: ★★★★☆
709 9 St, Canmore
AB T1W 2V7, Canada
Monday-Wednesday: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Thursday-Friday: 11:30AM- 2:00AM
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00AM-2:00AM

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