#PDXEats: Zell’s Cafe

Did I mention that Portland has amazing brunch places? Zell’s Cafe is another fantastic spot I’d highly recommend. I always do my due diligence to make sure I find yummy places to hit up when I travel. šŸ™‚ We came here in the morning, you have to find street parking, we got lucky and found one just a few feet away from the restaurant.

We arrived 9:30AM and it was already packed and had a waiting list, but most of the groups waiting were for 6-7 people which resulted in a longer wait because we were seated almost instantly after I jotted my name down for 2. Smaller groups definitely have shorter wait times! This place was definitely larger than our first brunch place at The Daily Feast, kind of crowded. The tables were tight together in spaces so be careful when walking past other dining customers.


Boyfriend and I ordered a French press English Breakfast (just tea served in a French press pot) with their eggs benedict and portobello scramble, both came with a side of potatoes. I wasn’t too sure on the whole French press tea thing because I personally didn’t think it work efficiently. Lol. The tea leaves were far too loose to be contained by the press so it was kind of all over the place and it’s usually fine just steeping tea leaves (rather than pressing it?). But I did like the amount of tea it provided.

Now, the portobello mushroom scramble… The scramble was amazinggg! The egg was cooked just the way I liked it, a bit gooey in the center with the vegetables fully cooked. The tomatoes, spinach and portobello mushrooms were šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼! The flavors were full yet refreshing and with the added delicious potatoes (soft and full of savory goodness)… Damn, such a good dish. The boyfriend also loved the hollandaise sauce used over the perfectly poached eggs in the eggs benny dish. He said it was the best eggs benedict dish so far in Portland! Service was really friendly and prompt (not overbearing), they made sure we always had everything we needed and always with a smile and friendly attitude. Also, I LOVE that there’s no sales tax in Portland so meals are always the amount stated on the menu. LOL.

We left super satisfied and happy with our meal!

Rating:Ā ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…
1300 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR 97214
Ā 7:00am-2:00pm
Saturday-SundayĀ 8:00am-2:00pm

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