Mikey’s Pizza Crust (Paleo)

I spent the two meals earlier this week eating and giving this brand (Mikey’s) a try. I was so excited when I found a full paleo certified pizza crust amongst the other brands. I had tried using cauliflower crust, but most brands had only 30% cauliflower usage and most were made up of brown rice flour. Example: Caulipower and the ones used at Pieology. It’s not vegan or true low carb friendly as it contains brown rice and eggs. Those who are not lacto-ovo vegetarian can give it a try though. Still definitely a bummer. Anyways, I’ve heard and often followed Mikey’s and finally decided to give them a try when I was really craving some pizza.

I went onto their website and found that our local Sprouts sold them. Awesome. Headed over and grabbed myself the original pizza crust. It was $5.99 + tax for 2 personal size crusts. It’s made out of almond and coconut flour, I had my concerns because I’ve dealt with coconut flour quite often since I changed my diet around. Coconut flour has a tendency to be very sensitive to moisture and tends to absorb very easily making the said recipe very chewy and soft in texture. I was hoping if I left the crust in the oven long enough, they’ll come out crispy at least.


I topped my pizza with Prego traditional tomato sauce, sans cheese, plenty of mushrooms and onions. Both times, I popped it into the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. They were soft. We left them in for another 10 minutes. Still soft. I ended up giving up because I didn’t want to burn the onions and mushrooms to a crisp and decided to eat them anyways.

I’m always honest with my reviews. I truly and genuinely wanted to love this brand as it’s so hard to find a true paleo friendly product. I definitely also knew that it won’t taste exactly like a normal pizza of course since I’ve been on a low carb diet (originally started with straight paleo) for 4 years already and knows that coconut/almond flour and cauliflower based products tastes different in flavor and texture. But Odin’s beard, this pizza crust was disgusting. LOL. It was chewy, center was awfully mushy and tasted like soggy cardboard. It was SO difficult to finish. The first meal wasn’t as hard (still hard to swallow though), but by dinner time and attempting to finish the second crust, I ended up eating only 2/3 of the pizza before picking the toppings off and tossing the rest of the crust. Even my sister who’s also pretty good on healthy foods thought it tasted awful, she ended up spitting it out when she tried it.

I attribute the bad experience to perhaps the crust being in the frozen aisle. I think maybe it needs to be defrosted, the crust baked alone to a crisp before adding the toppings on then bake it again (kind of like defrosting meat for hot pot before cooking them results in the best texture). Maybe that method would work better. The instructions needs to be more clear and concise. More testing on the company part to see which cooking method is best so customers can have the best experience wouldn’t hurt either. It’s just unfortunate that I’m honestly too traumatized to give Mikey’s another chance. But don’t knock it until you give it a try yourself and let me know what you thought! I really hope someone out there finds a better method that results in a good low carb pizza! Let me know! 🙂

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