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I don’t know if I consider myself an otaku– maybe closet one? I’m not sure. Lol. I don’t really devote my life to manga/anime or anything (e.g. spend tons of money, actually buy products, heavily cosplay, etc.) but I do spend a substantial amount of time watching and reading a plethora of anime and manga. Like movies and books, I do have preferences for certain genres, but I’m very open to watching and reading everything that has potential. Although I do do my due diligence and do my fair share of research before watching to see if it’s something I like rather than end up wasting my time. The only time that goes out the window is when I’m extremely bored: then I’ll just about watch anything and everything. LOL. The good thing out of that is that I get acquainted with different animes and manga as well as expanding my knowledge and library of anime/manga sources.

This post is typically out of scope of what I normally write, but when I do watch something that leaves an impression– could be bad or good– I definitely need a place to write about it for future viewers.

So here’s to anime post 2!

Way back when, the creators and animators decided to revamp Digimon for it’s 15th year anniversary– shit like this is mostly for nostalgia sake. But I’m all aboard the ship since as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a die hard fan of Digimon. Who wouldn’t love to see Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi and everyone else again? The entirety was split into 6 parts of 4 episodes per segment, giving it a full season worth of episodes. When it first came out, I spent a post writing about the second segment, which was my favorite– personally the best written and paced section. I recently finished the series and I ended up being sorely disappointed with how it finished. All segments after the second one just wasn’t that good.


Segments 3-6: Confession, Loss, Coexistence, and Future felt REALLY rushed like the writers and producers wanted to tell so much but seemingly didn’t know how or wasn’t in sync with each other. I don’t know who let the episodes be green lit into production. The story was all over the place, the pacing was rushed and plot holes galore.

One of the new character that was added in, Meiko Mochizuki, ended up being UTTERLY USELESS in the series. Let me just comment the fact that her Digimon partner, Meicoomon and herself shared the same name really annoyed me. It’s like they couldn’t come up with something better? It felt like lazy writing to me. Not to mention Taichi and Yamato spent most of their time tackling her down to save her from whatever danger she was too petrified to move away from (I mean ALWAYS).

Meiko’s Digimon partner, Meicoomon goes berserk and loses all sense of good and starts wrecking wreck havoc in both the real world and Digital World. The Digidestined of course has to save both worlds, again. But it left Meiko with no partner to fight with. I was really hoping the writers at this point would at least make her contribute ideas to help take down Meicoomon (Meiko was kind of useless even when Meicoomon was good), even if she was the shy/introvert type– they didn’t.

The writers should’ve made Meiko realize that it was HER partner was out of control and she needed to pull her shit together. It would’ve been a great character development moment, but NAH– Meiko spent most of her time cowering in fear and crying until the end of the series. UGH. Utterly USELESS character. Not to mention, she ended up being a love interest to Taichi. WHAT. THE FUCK. LOL. EW. NO. STOP. There was absolutely ZERO interaction between the two until later in the series where they had a brief chat here and there. Taichi had spent his whole childhood falling for Sora, then later pining after her during their teen years. Those feelings just disappears? Bro it dun work like that. A lifetime of feelings don’t just disappear and to move on then fall in love again, it takes time. Again, SLOPPY ass writing.

There were two other new (old) characters: Maki Himekawa and Daigo Nishijima. Apparently they were the original Digidestined, before Taichi’s group that was revealed in the end of season one’s battle with the Dark Masters. Back story was, there was a climatic battle that happened, Digimon partners died, depression and obsession. Kind of similar to Juri Kato in Digimon season 3 after Leomon died. Plot holes galore form here on out. I like the concept that intertwines the original series to this one by utilizing the pre-sequel story of the Digital World that Gennai had mentioned, BUT, this wasn’t brought up until 3/4 into the series of Tri. This story popped up out of nowhere midway into the show. It was like the writers felt that they needed to make Daigo and Maki relevant to the current situation. If that were they case, they should’ve started the Tri. series’ plot/problem with the original Digidestined’s story/climatic battle with Apocalymon then fast forward to current time where the original Digidestined were all grown up a.k.a. Maki and Daigo that meets the second gen Digidestined. Maki’s obsession could’ve been the series’ core problem/issue, with Daigo wanting to save her because he had once loved her. Then branch the story that brings in Meicoomon whom was essentially a byproduct (similar to the Dark Masters) of Apocalymon’s defeat.

Instead they hastily injected it late into the series making feel really forced and confusing. Maki also ended up dying I think? I’m not really sure what happened to her at the end. There was no mention of her after she wanders into the ocean chasing an illusion in “Coexistence” segment. She never showed up in “Future”‘s last episodes even though you’d think she’d be important enough since she was made to be a relatively big character to the story. I guess they just killed her off. LOL. Then there was “Dark [Creepy] Gennai”. I wish they had shown a little bit of Gennai’s capture and forced corruption copy (Dark Gennai) made by King Drasil that way his presence made more sense (ESPECIALLY since he was an important character from season one) rather than him showing up all of sudden evil disguising as the Dark Emperor. Everyone was questioning who the fuck he was for the longest time. All these characters didn’t have a very good starting story flow to root their relevancy to the Tri, story, in my opinion.

But, one of the biggest plot holes: Where the fuck are the 02 kids? Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, and Ken? Makes no sense Takeru and Kari are around but not the other kids?? Another hastily made end story that tells of Daigo actually knew of everything. He knew that the 02 kids were kidnapped, hence why they were missing (but nobody questioned it), held hostage in life support pods, of Maki’s traitorous partnership with King Drasil (because she wanted to see her dead Digimon partner), etc. etc. He knew of everything. What, what, what?? Man, the story was a fuckmess. LOL. The ending just felt like producers and writers needed to wrap everything up asap without much thought put into it. The pacing and flow of the series after episode 6 was just terrible. It had SO much potential though. If they weren’t so focused on the nostalgia sake of getting now adult watchers back, then I’m sure they would’ve realized they were being very sloppy.

I’m happy and honestly thrilled that I got to finally see ultimate evolution with everyone else’s Digimons, but overall was deeply disappointed on how the show ended. This was especially true since I saw the potential the show had. Except it seemed like making money and fan-service (this could’ve been achieved with great writing and story pacing too ya know) was more important to them. :/ Oh well. #Nostalgia

TIP: Recommended that people rewatch season one before this series, everything will make more sense if you do.

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