Cabo Expeditions

One of the other activities that I booked while in Cabo, Mexico. It took a little research to see which company I wanted to book with to ensure the easiest transaction. I landed on Cabo Expedition with great reviews and accommodations, although they did not provide shuttle service to and from resorts (be wary you’ll have to find other methods of getting there– taxi, shuttle, etc.)

I booked our trip via Tripadvisor/Viator for one trip at $106 for two people for roughly an hour trip, it was easy and smooth. I received a confirmation bar code scan through email that I was to show at the front desk. Ended up being very glad that I booked with this company for our parasailing adventures. The establishment was very nicely setup with their own office where you meet at. Their office was clean and very modern (that even had their own small cafe and photography department that helps take photo of your trip). I admit that this was definitely a change since being around the modern day work industry, I’m used to a sense of overall professionalism when it comes to conducting businesses. I have this expectation of things for a proper business to have: website, social media pages, proper office, etc. which Cabo Expeditions exceeded my expectations.

Parasailing-4-of-4 (1).jpg

We arrived a little early (to ensure we met our appointed activity time at 1:00PM, but prep time was 12:30PM) at 12:00PM, and were given wristbands. We actually got lucky and was told that due to a cancellation they now have an earlier spot leaving at 12:30PM– we of course took it. Definitely gave us more time since we had to leave Cabo San Lucas by 3:00PM. We were a provided short shuttle to the pier dock that we left at. We had one boat driver, one guide and a photographer. All three of them were very down-to-earth and chill. It made the excursion very fun as we all had our laughs over small talk. We were even provided with bottles of water. I highly recommend sunblock, maybe a hat if you don’t mind wearing them as you will be out in the sun for roughly an hour with no shade (unlike boat tours) and it gets REALLY hot. Also bring a camera (action cam) to record your adventures!

If I weren’t so terrified of heights, I would’ve said the view was amazing and gorgeous, being able to see the ocean and town so far up, it’s actually very calming moment. The parasailing part was 10 minutes, me and my boyfriend flew tandem together. Our guide was careful and made sure our gear was put on correctly and securely before flying. You get dipped in the water briefly for a “fun and adventurous” moment. We were not told of this and definitely came as a surprise and unprepared for it (I chose not to wear bikini bottom within my shorts since I didn’t think we were going to get wet lol).

When we returned, they provided photos you can buy for $40 on a CD or $30 for two printed shots at the end of the trip. They’ll show you all the photos at their office photo desks to see if you want to purchase. Very exhilarating time with Cabo Expedition that went above and beyond. I highly recommend them for parasailing adventures! The overall feel was a very professional (compared to some more small boat tours) setup.

Rating: ★★★★★
Blvd. Marina s/n, Plaza de la Danza Local 6,
Centro, Marina, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
Monday-Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM

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