Baja Water Sports

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, one of the big lessons that I learned on my recent trip to Cabo, Mexico: Book your excursions when you arrive at your resort.

Me being me, I always prefer booking way early in advance know that there will be space available for me and David, but I guess that’s not completely true when it came to excursions in Mexico.

Originally I had booked with Tio Sports for the glass bottom boat tour, but they didn’t provide shuttle service to Cabo San Lucas where the boat tour was booked at. I asked around for solutions to this solution and my friends reassured me that there’s usually shuttle companies on stand at the resort for resort guests to book through. This ended up being true, Secrets had one room dedicated to rental cars and shuttle service booking towards the front lobby.

The next morning, we went to the shuttle booking office to see what was available (since we had to talk with another agent as it is to secure our departure shuttle anyways). We were always advised not to take taxis from both friends and the agent stating that they are really costly, $75-$80 a trip, $150-$160 both ways, hence our shuttle inquiry. This is where things just started going downhill a little. I appreciate that everyone spoke English at the resort, but it’s not 100% fluent and there’s definitely deep accents and it made it difficult to get some points across due to the language barrier (times like these I wish I had learned Spanish in school).

It was because I had already booked with Tio Sports for 10AM, the only shuttle available was for 8AM with Baja Water Sports that also included their own hour long boat tour at 9:00AM for $60.00– excursion and shuttle service. It’s a little more pricey than other places, but having a direct shuttle to and from our resort (especially since ours was 30 minutes away) was the main reason why I was okay with the $60.00 (for two people) price tag. Average prices is usually $30.00 for two, but doesn’t provide shuttle service. The only catch to Baja Water Sport’s shuttle service was that they only had a shuttle coming back to our resort at 3:00PM (they had one at 5:00PM, but it was all booked). I ended up having to call Cabo Expeditions, our parasailing company to hopefully bump up our scheduled 2:00PM parasailing to an earlier time since parasailing was also an hour activity. I got lucky and managed to nab a 1:00PM slot with Cabo Expeditions which made enough time to get back to our shuttle stop by 3:00PM.

But I honestly  didn’t want to waste either Baja Sports or Tio Sports excursion and really tried to do both since I already paid for Tio Sports and soon Baja Water Sports too, but the times clashed since I had to be at Tio Sports at 9:45AM and Baja Sports tour lands back at 10:00AM. Transcabo (the shuttle service we talked to) agent, Ben, recommended I move my boat tour to Sunday. Somewhere along the confusion our agent ended up moving our boat tour with Tio Sports to Sunday. I had to call Tio Sports back to move us BACK for Saturday in hopes that maybe we might make it. There was a plethora of calling trying to clear this mess up. It was a headache.


We booked the 9:00AM trip meaning the shuttle left the resort at 8:00AM, the driver was very friendly and chatted us about the history of some of the places that we passed by. I ended up having to miss Tio Sports glass bottom boat tour and went with Baja Water Sports because we got ushered by Baja Sports tour guide when we arrived at the beach to their boat tour. I finally conceded knowing we’ll never make the 10:00AM Tio Sports one if we rode this one, but at least Baja Water Sports one was here in front of us already. The rest of the staff was also very friendly and helpful for those that needed it (helped an older lady because she was unsteady getting on the boat, helped another lady that was in a leg brace on as well).

The tour was great, the weather was beautiful and also gave us time to take pictures at particular arch locations. We were just appreciative since it was early so there weren’t that many people on the water so we had a great tour and left enough time for lunch before our parasailing adventures.

Would def recommend this company for those that need an activity company that provides shuttle rides to their excursion from their resort! But again, remember to book your excursions when you arrive at your resort rather than book earlier so you can see what’s the best option and schedule, don’t be like me and lose out on money because of double booking!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Av. del Pescador, El Medano Ejidal,
23453 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM

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