#NYEats: Chop Shop II

We stumbled upon this place when we couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner on a Saturday night after site seeing all day. We hopped onto Yelp and found this place nearby that didn’t require us to walk in the freezing New York cold for too long. It’s a small little restaurant tucked away against the wall like most New York restaurants. I was glad that they had a plastic sheeting tent around the front door so that cold breeze doesn’t get in when we approached the place.

Courtesy of Yelp

I loved the minimalist style of the white walls and light colored wooden tables. It made the place look simple and clean. It was also definitely on the darker end, but it was a nicely lit with warm lights that made the place feel really cozy and the fact that the heater felt like it was on full blast (which was REALLY nice since it was SO cold outside and trust me when I say that east coast cold is something else). I also appreciated that they had a section dedicated to hanging coats, we each wore three layers of jackets so we definitely had a handful of jackets that would be taking up space at our table.

Once we cleared our jackets, we were sat promptly down, the place was empty surprisingly so we didn’t have to wait (we were actually the only patrons). We ordered a mapo tofu ($16.00), Chinese broccoli ($7.00), hot and sour soup ($7.00), and drunken noodles ($15.00). The service was amazingly on point (although not hard to do since we were the only ones there). Our waters were kept filled and occasionally our waiter will check up on us without being annoying. He also answered all our inquiries about the dishes with no qualms.

The portions were small for the prices they charged. The soup was only good for about one adult and it cost $7.00… I’d say felt more like a $3.00-$4.00 value. Although I will say the food was good though, it had this nice nostalgic feel to it when eating the dishes. The mapo tofu was delicious with the silky tofu and savoriness of the ground pork, chilies and scallion (green onion). It wasn’t too spicy that I couldn’t enjoy the dish at all, but rather a nice small kick instead. I also really enjoyed their garlic Chinese broccoli, simple dish with great garlic flavor complements. The boyfriend did like their drunken noodles and hot and sour soup as well! Warmed him up and left him satisfied with his meal. Was it mind blowing food (would explain the prices)? Not really, but it was a nice delicious homey kind of good food.

It was definitely on the expensive end of dinners, those four dishes cost us over $50.00 after tax and tip. That’s $25.00+ per person! I wish the portions were bigger for the prices, that definitely would be really nice for the value. Food is 3 stars worthy, but the service and ambiance I’d kick it to a 4 stars. πŸ™‚

Rating:Β β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†
41 W 24th St
New York, NY 10010
b/t Broadway & S Park Ave,Β Flatiron

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