Mimis 5 Bobee

This small cafe was opened YEARS ago when I was in high school and stayed opened because they were very popular with the locals to grab traditional Taiwanese eats like minced meat over rice or pork ear, beef tendon and the like. They also serve a variety of iced and milk teas (with or without boba) as well as slushies (not a huge fan of these). I will admit it’s definitely one of the few places that serves great Taiwanese dishes that’s very similar to home rather than places that try to “modernize” these dishes and it’s not too expensive either.

I used to frequent this place quite often when they were still called Mimi’s House and their logo was that of a black cat, but a few years ago they rebranded and added “5 Bobee” (Bobee equates to “Blessed by the Gods”) so now it’s called Mimis 5 Bobee (keeping a part of their original name). They’re located next to Lorbeer Middle School so they tend to attract huge herds of middle school children after school sometimes so be wary. They can also get very busy during their lunch rush as well as dinner rush so plan accordingly. Their parking isn’t the best since they share with Pho Super Bowl, whom are VERY popular, around Diamond Bar and most patrons take up all the spots out front that you might have to park farther and walk albeit the plaza lot itself is very spacious.

It was a few years before I decided to go back because my sister insisted since she used to work there part-time and wanted some pork ears and bean curd. She also recommended me to try their garlic chicken the next time and I finally did a few nights ago when boyfriend and I decided to dine at Mimi’s. I ordered their garlic chicken, Taiwanese sausage, seasonal boiled vegetables (options available when you ask) to which I usually get the Taiwanese bok choy and the boyfriend got pork chops and dan dan noodles.


Their garlic chicken is served cold and I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it. It’s tightly wrapped chicken meat with chicken skin. I loved the taste of the light garlic in the chicken and that it wasn’t overcooked so the meat wasn’t terribly hard to chew. It was very delicious! The Taiwanese sausage definitely really good too, lightly grilled to a crisp on the outside and subtly sweet and soft on the inside and you get served three instead of the usual two at most restaurants. The boyfriend also really enjoyed his dan dan noodles and pork chops, he found it was very well cooked with great flavors and use of spices, something he would order again!

They also have wonderful bean curd and pork’s ear for those that enjoy those more exotic dishes. Their bean curd is more holey, which I really like, as opposed to the denser bean curds sometimes served at other restaurants. I find the lighter, more holed bean curds gives the texture on the tongue more of an airy feeling than the denser type bean curds does. Their portion of the pork ears here is also very generous hence why I actually really like Mimis because no other place serves thicker cut pork ears in bigger portions.

We’ve also ordered their drinks here before, I’ve tried their honey green tea, chrysanthemum iced tea and a few slushies (because of BOGO special). Their honey green tea is definitely something I would stick to rather than the latter two. The chrysanthemum iced tea that they serve is WAY too light of a brew that borders on tasting like water although the fragrance is nice. As for the slushies, they’re just awfully sweet and doesn’t taste good, no texture or complexity to the drink so I would stay away from those.

For more photos from Mimis 5 Bobee, check them out here!

Rating: ★★★★☆
333 S Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Monday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM

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