Poke Bar

A little poke store that’s tucked inside one of Arcadia’s plaza (still haven’t quite figured out what the plaza name is as I never see a sign with its name on it like a normal plaza). All I know is that Poke Bar’s neighbors include a Starbucks, Pavillions (now Vons), a spa place, LA Fitness and a few other restaurants like Orchid Thai (that we frequent sometimes). It’s because it’s a plaza it has plenty of parking although the ones closest to the store is always packed and very difficult to find parking. You can always try to park far away and just walk. Even handicap is hard to find and I did not see any close to Poke Bar storefront, rather everything was regular parking and packed around 7:00PM.

I’ve come here a few times already with friends, but the last time I went was the first time actually ordering anything since I finally found my way with the poke bowl places! Their store is definitely small and when we arrived it was already busy and by the time we got in line there were already no more seats available. All their tables were only for two people parties so any groups bigger than that is not recommended.


We started at the protein section and I was thrilled when I saw that their bowl sizes were actually physically different sized bowls. It came in three sizes: small (2 scoops), medium (3 scoops), or large (5 scoops) with each bowl bigger than the last. Boyfriend and I ordered a large bowl ($11.50), mine with spring mix salad base, 5 scoops of shrimp tossed in shoyu (citrus sauce with sesame oil, delicious combo), seaweed salad, crab meat, cucumber, white onions, green onions, edamame, masago, and furikake (roasted seaweed with sesame seeds). Boyfriends got basically the same except his with white rice base, spicy tuna and albacore.

My. Bowl. Was. DELICIOUS. The light flavors of the citrus sauce and sesame oil worked perfectly with the chopped pieces of shrimp. It wasn’t too much or too little so the sauce ratio was impeccably well poured. The shrimp tasted fresh and also wasn’t overcooked so it wasn’t chewy rather it had that refreshing crunch to it. The shrimp pieces worked well with everything else  that I added inside, but the best part was that the portion of the protein choice and everything else (add-ons) was so great that we actually left full rather than hungry still. My boyfriend also loved that the fish pieces at Poke Bar was full-sized cubes and not dainty tiny ones we’ve had at other poke places before. The flavors were amazing and the portions were generous, it’s actually one of the tastiest (and our current favorite) poke places we’ve tried so far!

Rating: ★★★★★
Address: 733 W. Naomi Ave. #H, Arcadia, CA 91007
Hours: Monday – Sunday  11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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