Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery

We stumbled upon this place via Yelp even though it’s really close to home we never knew this place existed! After scrolling through the photos and looking at their menu and seeing that they served breakfast 24 (this place is open 24/7) hours a day, I was sold. I bookmarked it and luckily the boyfriend suggested coming here a few days later on a Saturday. Corky’s is located in a new plaza built in Pomona that I’ve been to a few times because of the Target located in the same plaza. It’s VERY nice compared to what the rest of Pomona looks like and I was glad that it’s clean and untainted by graffiti.

Parking was spacious and very wide, which I loved so that opening doors weren’t difficult. Their handicap spaces were right by their doors so it was easy access for those that need it. We made our way through the front door and a scurry of talking voices and the smell of delicious meals greeted us. It was very busy late morning (it was 12:00 when we arrived) with families and many other couples dining at Corky’s. There was a display of delicious looking pies that were also by the front register and door that you can purchase when you pay your bill. We opted for next time in buying pies to try at home. 🙂

We saw a few people waiting so we jotted our name down with the hostess, although we only waited about 5 minutes until we were promptly seated. Our waitress took down our drink orders and they came very fast as she jotted down our order the second turn around. We ordered their Egg White (custom ordered) Home Grown Omelette (no cheese) and their Hobo Skillet. It’s not on their menu, but you can ask for your egg dishes to be substituted with egg whites instead. 😀 I ordered mine with home skillet potatoes and no toast while the boyfriend ordered his skillet with hash browns and sourdough.


The portions were definitely generous! Very filling size as our food came out in under 10 minutes. Only unfortunate note was that I had ordered with no cheese, but they gave me cheese on my egg white omelette anyways. Good thing was that the cheese was taken off really easily in one big scoop and it just came right off. I loved that the omelette was filled with onion, bell pepper, mushroom, and tomatoes with some of it diced and garnished on top giving it a wonderful flavor. Their egg whites weren’t overcooked and had a beautiful fluffy texture. I mostly loved that their skillet potatoes were actually cooked via a pan/skillet rather than deep fried which is getting pretty trendy (but I hate). The outside was lightly brown and crisp with a soft potato center rather than having an over crispy little cut cubes of potatoes like places that deep fry theirs. Now, the Hobo Skillet, it was filled with ham, bacon, sausage, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, tomato, Ortega chile and cheese. The boyfriend thought it was a wonderful dish that left him very full and satisfied.

The entire atmosphere felt very homey and cozy compared to Denny’s, staff had wonderful attitude and personalities making the place very welcoming. The insides were warm and comfortable like we had walked inside a house rather than a diner. We concluded that we actually preferred Corky’s over Denny’s now that I know we live relatively close by. Service was fast and very efficient, even though the place was packed our waitress always made sure to check up on us and her other tables. It was very impressive technique. We got our check and paid at the front. Definitely would recommend to friends and family if they’re looking for a cozy and delicious place to dine at whatever hour they feel like.

If you want more delicious photos from Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery, check them out here! Or get first look at my food adventures before blog posts and Yelp reviews at @imelpomene!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 2051 Rancho Valley Dr #230, Pomona, CA 91766
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Hours: Monday-Sunday: 24 Hours

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