The Lighthouse Bayview Cafe

I have to say being located next to the bay is definitely a place you’d want to visit again. The Lighthouse Cafe was one of those places. Their small restaurant was by the bay so it was right next up to the sand that lead to the water full of docked yachts in Newport Beach, Balboa Pennisula. The view was amazing on a sunny Sunday and I highly recommend a reservation as it seems like their tables are always booked with reservations so walk-ins always have to wait approximately 30 minutes for a table.

Their parking here has plenty of spaces and wide for many patrons and building visitors although it’s not free and it’s also not validated, but it’s pretty cheap. We bought 3 hours of parking for $5.25 at their parking meter (the ones that prints you a ticket) and managed to have much time time leftover even after walking 6 blocks to the farmers’ market down the street and back.

They’re on the first floor with high ceilings surrounded by an outdoor patio which is pet friendly (there are a plethora of dog owners around the area because of the beach and park). We told the hostess our reservation and was seated immediately. I originally wanted to make it for their breakfast menu but they only gave us their brunch menu even though it was still breakfast hour. Oh well. We ordered two orange juices ($2.75), tomato basil soup ($3.95), Artichoke Egg White Omelette ($12.95), Crispy White Fish Tacos ($10.95), The Benedicts ($13.95), and Pulled Pork Cuban Panini. The wait for food although was insanely long even though the restaurant itself wasn’t even that big.


My artichoke omelette was filled with marinated artichokes, sauteed mushrooms, diced tomatoes (because I asked for this to be added in), sans cheese for me and a choice of side and toast. I opted for English muffin for my sister and a choice of roasted potatoes as a side. Surprisingly I quite enjoyed it even though I normally didn’t like artichokes. The leaves were cooked until soft and had a wonderful very light flavor so it wasn’t so overpowering. The egg whites were also cooked to perfection and the drizzle of pesto gave just that much more complexity in flavor. The boyfriend’s benedict was also delicious with very tasty hollandaise sauce, but the eggs were very overcooked. I also wasn’t a fan of their orange juice, it’s really pulpy and I’m not very big on OJ pulp, not to mention the size was so small for $3.00 a cup.

Our experience would’ve been a positive one if it wasn’t for the fact that our waitress forgot many of the things we ordered. She forgot our tomato soup (cancelled it), dropped things left and right, forgot to substitute my artichoke in my omelette for tomatoes that I originally ordered, forgot to put my sister’s fish taco’s sauce on the side, and also didn’t charge me extra for my egg whites (although not complaining here LOL) like it was stated on the menu. Although she was very nice and always did check up on us. They do have a beautiful view and the restaurant was designed with all glass windows so natural lighting floods in.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Address: Marina Park, 1600 West Balboa Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Sunday – Thursday  7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday  – Saturday  7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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