Twisted Sage Cafe & Catering

A very quaint cafe located in the heart of San Dimas where seeing riders with their horses on the trail path was almost a norm. There were also many white picket fences that lined jogging paths as we drove down the street looking for Twisted Sage Cafe. We finally arrived in a plaza that was built after the image of old school missionaries when we found the cafe on the far right side of the plaza next to an insurance office. I opted for this place because they had outdoor seating that looked amazing and cozy not to mention served breakfast all day. I love restaurants that provide wonderful outdoor areas along with breakfast food and Twisted Sage was one of these places.

Parking was easy and loved that handicap was really close to the front door so walking to the front was simple. It’s always great to see places that has those spots dedicated and planned thoughtfully so handicap people has the most ease of access. It was also nice that the spots weren’t super tight and compact so the car fit very well with wide enough door room without hitting the car next to us.


Upon walking in it’s their indoor seating, it’s a little small and crowded for my personal preference. You order first at the counter before seating yourself. I ordered the “Create Your Own Omelette” ($9.00) with egg whites stuffed with delicious Black Forest ham, spinach, tomatoes with a side of roasted red skin potatoes and the boyfriend got their Lox Florentine Benedict ($13.00). Their outdoor seating is past the door on the right hand side with many wide picnic benches and smaller metal tables all shaded with sun umbrellas. The staff here are all so nice and wonderful with awesome attitudes and personalities that they went out of their way to redo the umbrella so the shade was skewed to block where we were sitting.

As for the food, I thoroughly enjoyed the egg white omelette I ordered since it was fully filled with ingredients (massively stuffed) and the roasted potatoes had this nice crispy outside skin. The egg white was cooked so well that it wasn’t dry, it had this spongy quality that I really liked. The ham complemented the spinach and tomato very well as a subtle saltiness. It was overall hella delicious! Although on the contrary, the lox benedict the boyfriend didn’t quite enjoy as much. The raw salmon (house-cured) was overwhelmingly salty and some parts of the fish was cooked and tasted too fishy to him, but he enjoyed the eggs and hollandaise sauce along with the spinach.

The feel of the place along with the price of the food is definitely a place that we’d visit again to try out their other dishes! They are also pet friendly an opens really early for breakfast!

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 433 E Foothill Blvd., San Dimas, CA, 91773
Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6:00AM – 3:00PM

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