Dear 17 year old me,

I originally was going to write to you on our 25th birthday, but couldn’t quite grasp the words I wanted to tell you. As I still try and gather the words, I just wanted to tell you that we made it. We celebrated our 25th birthday with flying colors (literally). You are still standing here breathing and living this wonderful life.

I just wanted to thank you for persevering through when you had wanted to end it all. When things got so dark that it just easier to just want to disappear, if it wasn’t for your courage to crawl and fight through that wretchedness, we wouldn’t be here today. I understand that sometimes high school was very hard, where we’re all at the tender age where we’re susceptible to so much. Like a sponge, we absorb and grasp to find ourselves. Sometimes we flourish under the circumstances and sometimes we stumble and fall. We’ll bleed and we’ll hurt and it’ll feel like the universe is crushing upon you. You’ll feel hopeless and think that the world is so against you, but I promise you… It will get better, you are going to live through it.

I know, it’s high school. Everything seems to matter, the boyfriends, the drama, the cliques, the heartbreaks and some at times it’ll feel like it’s the end of the world. But remember: It’s just high school. Their thoughts and their words have no meaning because it will not define who you truly are in the future. You are still shaping it with every breath you take, each morning that you wake up. There are so many doors that are still waiting for you to open, so many people that are waiting to meet you, and so many people that are going to love you.

Yes, mom and dad seemed stifling overbearing at times and not very understanding, but you came to see their ways when we got a little older that they only meant the best for us even if the methods might be a little wrong at times. We butted heads, screamed and shouted, slammed doors even, but you realized how much they loved and cared for you. We have badass parents that took care of us and gave us everything. We had won the life lottery. Don’t ever forget that.

You’re going to meet so many amazing people and become a pretty kickass person because of them. So I thank you so much for fighting on and letting me be here right now witnessing this very awesome of a life that you chose to keep. ♡

Best Wishes,
The Current You

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