By all means I mean the gym. Gym Etiquette. Yes, it exists.

People seem to not understand that the gym is not their personal playground or house where they can throw dirty ass snot filled tissues on the ground like they own the place. One would think that it’s common courtesy to practice clean hygiene at the gym, being a public environment that other people uses as well. It is so frustrating that sometimes I just want to kick crotches.

It’s not even THAT difficult. I mean come on:

Yes, there are employees there, but that doesn’t mean it gives you a right to leave weights all over the place. It makes it very difficult for other people who are working out to find the needed weights if you end up throwing them all across the gym like they’re your dirty laundry. Pick it up and place them back on the racks. If you have the ability (like two arms and legs) get your shit together.

All gyms should make this mandatory because it’s fucking nasty when people leave pools/patches of sweat on the bench. What’s even worse is the patches of oil with dandruff from human heads (especially prevalent at the bench press is what I noticed). GAG. Wipe after yourself like you do your bum after you take a shit. Ain’t nobody got time to follow you around and clean up after you like a maid. You’re a grown ass adult.

A subtopic of the one listed previously. Again, this is not your fucking house. You share these work out amenities with other people. Blew your nose into a tissue? USE THE TRASHCAN, don’t fucking throw it on the ground. Wtf. It’s gross. Went HAM on your workout? GOOD FOR YOU, but don’t leave a stream of sweat on the floor if you’re dripping from your clothes, hair, and just about every orifice of your body. That’s what towels are for. LEARN TO USE IT.

You came here to workout, not to socialize and be on your phone 24/7. If you’re going to sit at an equipment posting on Instagram, GET THE FUCK OFF AND GO OUTSIDE before I punch you in the nuts/ovaries. Some people actually want to use the equipment. SELFIES? NOT TODAYYYY!

Then you get the assholes who likes to save certain equipment even though they’re not using it currently (in most cases are elsewhere using something else) with their keys or water bottles. FUCK YOUR DIBS. If you’re not using it, it’s game for any one else to use. Don’t be that guy.

Nobody likes a dirty, dank ass gym, so come on we all have to do our parts to keep the one place that keeps our bodies in tip top shape clean as well.

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