Rockpile Trail


This was one of the shortest trails I’ve done of all the trails I’ve hiked so far, but it comes with a pretty amazing view of Moraine Lake. The trail is a half mile loop trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. Definitely super easy for family with kids and grandparents. The trail is also pet friendly but your fur kids has to be on leashes.

We’ve hiked this one twice already, the first time had far more people than the second time. The latter we had tried to hit it earlier in the morning (7:00) and was hoping to rent a canoe as well. Unfortunately, because of the sudden and early snow storm that was sweeping Calgary, it closed off Moraine’s canoe rentals. It was also a bummer that it was so foggy that you really can’t see any of the gorgeous mountains. We only managed to take some photos before we headed back down. Although be careful of black ice as those are some gnarly and nasty little boogers.

The first time we went, the weather was beautiful albeit unfortunate that most of the lakes were still frozen, but we got a chance to walk over Moraine, which I thought was pretty cool. We also got to climb the face of Rockpile Trail got some nice photos of Moraine Lake that came out pretty gorgeous in my opinion.

While the hike may be short but the view is stunning. When the trail opens up to the viewing area, it’s like you’ve walked into a postcard. It’s utterly breathtaking. It’s best around mid June I’d say where the lake should be thawed but the mountains will still be covered in snow (their winters lasts until early June) and you’ll be able to canoe and get really pretty pictures on the lake.

If you’re hungry after they have a nice little lodge cafe right by the entrance (Moraine Lake Lodge – Snowshoe Cafe). We haven’t eaten there before, but we have grabbed coffee and tea before. They also sell snacks if you plan on hiking their longer trails, you can stock up on some snacks like muffins, bananas, and nuts before you start your hiking adventure. It also comes with a gorgeous patio area, definitely will have to give the cafe food a try when the weather is warmer!

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