#SFEats: Mama’s on Washington Square

Our next popular San Fran hit was Mama’s on Washington Square located in North Beach, San Francisco. It’s a store that’s been there since 1950s that had started out as an ice cream shop. We’ve seen and read about this place all over the internet and social media that they were famously known for their breakfast items. I’ve bookmarked this place for quite some time for that reason. Apparently the average wait time there is two hours! With that in mind we decided to head out early, we took a Lyft there and got there around 9:00AM and there was already a line.

We came all this way so we decided to wait it out, we got in line and took a look at their menu. They were famed for their french toast grilled cheese called Monte Cristo and other french toast goodies. I’m not much of sweets for breakfast kinda of person, but David decided to get it when we were to order. We ended up waiting only about 50 minutes until we got seated– not bad at all given their average wait time. Their system isn’t wait to be seated and have a waiter take your order rather you have to wait in line to order at the cash register, get a number, then seat yourself.


We ordered their Northern Italian Omelette that had mushroom, spinach and diced pancetta and also their famed Monte Cristo, a French toast grilled cheese basically. The Monte Cristo was soft and lightly sweet with a great balance of saltiness from the melted cheese. Similar to a sweet and savory combo. David thought it was very tasteful and delightfully cooked, it wasn’t greasy or oily rather surprisingly well made that it tasted very fresh. It came with a side of jam of sorts, although I thought maple syrup would’ve been better. But he very much enjoyed the jam it came with.

The omelette on the other hand was fluffy and decent, the pancetta gave it a great savory kick that most meats don’t, so it was definitely an interesting addition to omelettes. The side of home fries was lacking in flavors though, soft and well cooked, but didn’t taste like much.

Overall, I didn’t think the omelette itself was mind blowing enough and worth the almost one hour wait let alone 2-3 hour wait for some people, BUT definitely recommend the french toast dishes as THAT dish itself were very delicious and worth the wait! We would give this place a solid three stars for now for those two dishes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Address: 1701 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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