Poop Swirl Brownies

Some time ago Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies partnered with Wilton and released her own line of baking wares. The one that caught my eye was her six cavity “Silicone Poop Swirl Treat Mold”. Strange fact, I love the poop emoji is because of my peculiar fascination with human/animal excrement (i.e. did you know there are 7 levels of stools?) I saw it before it came out so it was always on my to-buy list, when it finally came out I purchased it for $13.00 and free Prime shipping via Amazon. Currently, you can find it for $6.00 at Walmart. The only gripe I had with the silicone mold was that it was quite difficult to wash, because brownies are brown and the mold is brown, it’s hard to see what’s been washed off and what hasn’t. I washed it with hot water and soup thinking it was clean, it wasn’t until it dried that I saw small pieces of brownies still stuck on the bottom that was hard to see. Maybe you’d need to soak it first before washing for a thorough cleanse.

Anyways, I recently used it to make some poop emoji brownies for a friend’s birthday and I’d love to share my experience! I normally enjoy making things from scratch, but with the time crunch and very last minute decision to use the mold to make brownies on a late Friday night for Saturday afternoon– I had made a quick trip to the market and got a box of Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate brownie premix. It only required 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil and 3 tablespoon of water with the brownie mix. Simple enough!


Once mixed, I sprayed the mold with Pan for easier pop out later when it’s done. It’s because the mold is smaller than the usual full sheet method there’s less room to move around but go up. My first mistake was filling the mold completely and with that resulted in the brownies expanding past the mold and creating a very lumpy bottom instead of a flat one. Solution? I found filling to the second rim of the poop swirls will give you the necessary extra room when the brownie expands. If the bottom is even, you’ll have to cut it off flat with a knife or cake lever. Also, the regular time of standard brownie sheets usually takes about 25 minutes, using this mold with the condensed space would need you to double the time at 50 minute bake time for it to bake thoroughly.

Second mistake I did was getting too excited and trying to peel them out right out of the oven. I broke one in half so that didn’t survive, I ended up letting them cool for about 30 minutes before they came out smoothly. So, have patience! They turned out really cute and funny, little brown poop emoji shapes. For the eyes and mouth I used Wilton Bright White Candy melts. A handful and a half will  give you enough for 6 sets of eyes and mouth. It was my first time using them to actually create solid shapes rather than free form shapes like a drizzle or spiderwebs. We melted them down via water boil system, boiling water in pot and bowl over to properly steam the bowl warm. We bagged it and instead of using a piping tip, we cut a small hole at the corner.

I definitely messed up the first batch. The candy melts were too hot and would melt/expand bigger into a shape I didn’t want so I decided to try letting the candy melt cool a little so that it was closer to lukewarm (but not cold as that will harden). It worked much better then! Although I found freehanding it with a self cut hole wasn’t easy, I suggest using a Wilton #2 piping tip for a more efficient drawing method. First, outline the shape then fill it in, after, take a toothpick and make small circles until all the creases and outlines are gone so you get a smooth shape. It’s something that will take practice as I’m still working on perfecting it myself. 🙂 As for the iris, I used Wilton Foodwriting Pen in black. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well. The chocolate would clog the pen and not fill the space I needed leaving the result a half colored/filled space. I also had to constantly clean the pen tip because of said clogging issue. It took far too long to color in irises with that pen, I recommend using Wilton Black Candy Melts for a more solid and refined look!

After finishing the eyes, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes to dry. Using the remainder of the white candy melts, use it as an adhesive for the eyes to attach to the brownies. Finally, voila! You’re done! 😀 Happy baking!

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