Sprouts Farmers Market

Diamond Bar is a relatively quiet city where most lights turn off by 9:00PM on weekdays and maybe 10:00PM on weekends. It’s mostly settled with older generation of Asians and Caucasians that are ready for retirement or already in retirement. It’s very similar to the city of San Dimas. There are some areas that are relatively old and downtrodden that the city of Diamond Bar is finally taking the effort to upkeep and make better. One of those places is the former plaza of where Kmart used to be reside. Kmart ended up floundering and leaving a massive piece of land in a relatively rundown plaza that had hardly seen any business in a long while. Finally in that last three months, the land is getting renovated with new spaces and buildings as well as newly designed parking lots.

One of the major players that ended up taking the largest space was Sprouts Farmers Market, then a Ross store (Dress for Less) proceeded by a Chipotle and finally a Coffee Bean (with drive through). I was ultimately more excited about Sprouts and Chipotle arriving closer to home (literally across the street) so I don’t have to travel to Chino Hills for Sprouts and The Village for Chipotle in the depths of Walnut where rush hour traffic got really bad during dinner time. The new plaza is now called “Diamond Ranch Plaza”.

The new entry way is so much nicer to look at now and it’s wider for cars to come and go without feeling too crowded for space. The former entry way was very narrow and only fit for single cars, now there’s enough space for four cars at once. It’s also designed with a nice desert sand colored tile-like ground pieces for color and texture as well as a Diamond Ranch Plaza light sign that has the names of the businesses that resides inside. The parking lot is spacious and plenty of cart collectors so that customers would never have to travel too far to return their carts.


Can I just say I’m in LOVE with this new Sprouts Farmers Market. Definitely new and clean but the design incorporated many other things that other Sprouts didn’t have before. For example, they have their own panini, sandwich and wraps section that you can order fresh made lunch and dinners from. They also have their own juice bar as well! Which also leads me to include that that built a fantastic indoor eating cafeteria area with tables and chairs for customers to dine-in that also has a microwave to heat up your food. YEAH. Forreal legit AF. LOL.

I’ve shopped and dined here before with the boyfriend last weekend and I must say their food is very tasty and flavorful. I ordered their Buffalo chicken spinach wrap (sans cream and blue cheese). The chicken was not dry at all, rather it was very tender and loved the intense spicy kick of the wrap. It was filling and delicious! Although I didn’t like the way the staff wrapped my wrap, instead of folding in the sides, she just rolled it leaving the sides open and got really messy because the juices inside started to leak out all over the table and my hands.

As for shopping, I am mad appreciative on how many healthy and dairy free options they have (although I see they are pricier than Smart & Final next door on items like their dairy free So Delicious yogurt), but provides many more flavor options. Instead of just three flavors for their So Delicious yogurt like most markets have, Sprouts has a total of SEVEN flavors. The peach one is FAB DELICIOUS with chunks of actual peaches inside. The boyfriend also loves their brioche buns and fresh muffins that they make daily. Each food category has their own area titled on the walls for all to see. They even have a section dedicated to vitamins and medication! Their dairy section is IMMENSE.

The amount of options and choices are SO AMAZING and the staff here are unbelievably kind and friendly which is a huge difference between them and Smart & Final workers. They actually don’t mind you asking them questions and are genuinely down to help you find your grocery needs without seeming so bored/hating their life. I am definitely hoping Sprouts sticks around!

Rating: ★★★★★
Address: 239 S Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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