Sunday’s Old Town Bistro

Such a wonderful and beautiful area of Monrovia old town that I never noticed which is strange because I took art class around one of Monrovia’s community college. We arrived at Sunday’s Old Town Bistro thanks to Yelp and it was even better that  they had pretty good parking than having to utilize some more awful old town parking like the side of the streets. Sunday’s back lot is all open parking if you decide to want to sit at their back outside patio that way you can see your vehicle (especially true if you ride a motorcycle).

We were sat almost immediately since their back patio was open although some spots were a little sunnier than we thought. I ordered their veggie omelette (sans artichoke) which comes with toast and side of fruits or potatoes, I opted  for potatoes. The omelette was filled with delicious mushrooms, spinach and my favorite: sun-dried tomatoes. The tomatoes gave the overall dish a very warm sweetness that I really enjoyed. The side potatoes weren’t as memorable though as it came off like any regular potato.

The other guys all ordered Breakfast croissants (ended up with 3 orders) with your choice of cheese and meat, although the portion was nice they felt the inside ratio was too off. There just weren’t enough meat and cheese insides compared to the massive croissant they got so they felt like they were mostly eating bread. I definitely would have them try the waffles or benedicts next time!


We did love the atmosphere though. The staff here were beyond amazing and not to mention very social and outgoing. They made everyone feel like family and all their customers left with a happy smile. Their patios are also pet friendly too so feel free to accompany your furry friends here as staff even provides animal bowls for water for them. Otherwise the food was a decent 3 stars so far, but would definitely give them another try at other options!

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Address: 520 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016
FRIDAY: 9:00AM-9:00PM

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