Stumbling around the Far East Plaza after quenching my thirst at Chinatown’s Ten Ren’s Tea Time, I was starving and ready and in need of sustenance STAT. With the recently rejuvenated Far East Plaza, this place was a goldmine of fresh new eats intermingled with more traditional eateries that has been around for decades. You can pick and choose according to your tastes, but you get to see an array of people that are young and old here eating lunch/dinner.

We selected a few restaurants and tried to slim our way down which included: Kim Chuy, Qin West Chinese Restaurant, Thien Huong, Chego!, and Easy’s. Not quite feeling the traditional food selections we were down to Chego! and Easy’s, a rice bowl place or a burger joint. We originally went with Easy’s since they didn’t have a line so food would be much faster than Chego! whom had a line out the door. Unfortunately Easy’s didn’t serve protein style burgers so we were left with Chego! which was just as scrumptious looking via their Yelp photos.

Chego! is pretty small and only sits about 8-10 people max inside, but the plaza provides plenty of outdoor seating. We ordered a Chicken Adobo for myself and David ordered their Kung Pau Chicken Noodles which came out to be around $18.00 or so, $20.00 after tip. We managed to nab seats right by the door and waited for our food (you are called by your number they give you).


First bite of my chicken adobo and I was very impressed, it was delicious. Savory goodness served in a bowl of tender chicken marinated in caramelized onions and a mixture of vinegar and soy sauce tossed with a handful of sesame seeds on top of a fried egg. All the ingredients tasted fresh, the chicken wasn’t overcooked and the marinade was marvelous. It wasn’t too salty nor too overbearing and everything helped each other shine through. The boyfriend also really enjoyed his Kung Pau Chicken. He complimented on how well the spices were used that it left him with a good burn. He’s always looking for a good spicy dish.

We left full and satisfied after our meal, but didn’t feel lethargic or greasy. It’s definitely a place we’d recommend if anyone is ever in this plaza looking for a place to grab some interesting grub.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 727 North Broadway, #117, 90012
11AM-11PM Tuesday-Saturday
11AM-9PM Sunday
(Mondays OFF)

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