Good morning! Happy weekend, everyone! I’m still having lingering longing for a three day weekend from last week. Sigh. I wish it was normal to have three day weekends, two just doesn’t seem enough.

I was recently craving some crepes, but the normal batter that most stores use uses milk so I decided to see if I can find a paleo friendly version of crepes and I stumbled upon Elana’s Pantry version of her paleo crepes. The ingredients and the process of making them were very simple and easy to understand. I love that the recipe was so easy and such a breeze. We prepped and made them in 15 minutes.

The recipe only asked for four ingredients: Coconut flour, Eggs, Coconut Oil, and Water. You can check out her site for the amount needed and instructions on how to make these delicious morsels. You would also need a small food processor or mixer if you have have one to pulse all the ingredients together. Our first attempted at the batter in the skillet didn’t work out quite well and we left a hole of sorts so the second time around we let it sit until it was a golden and it came out beautifully.

The batter amount created with the instructions given we were able to make about six crepes (I prefer mine on the thinner, crispier side). These are a little fluffier than the normal crepes I’ve eaten with a subtle hint of egginess as well. The boyfriend didn’t quite like it plain and so we opted for Nutella in his and I used berries with mine. He liked it much better afterwards. I believe fresh strawberries and bananas would be lovely with these.

These would make the perfect healthier alternative dessert or breakfast. 🙂 As well as savory ones! Elana has other awesome recipes as well for savory crepes on her website to check out.

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