Good morning, everyone! Happy weekend! Just wanted to write up about something I had found at my local Smart & Final this week that I’m quite excited about. We had stopped by our local Smart & Final grocery store to nab us eggs that were on sale, the dairy section was next to the egg shelf when I stumbled upon a section of soy-free and dairy-free yogurt (this section was very small, only had two brands). One of the brands being “So Delicious” (one I’ve mentioned time and time again in my other posts). They’re a company mostly known to sell organic dairy-free products like coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and other variants (i.e. ice cream, yogurt, and the like).

I knew So Delicious made organic dairy-free ice cream, but didn’t know they also made dairy-free yogurt made out of coconut milk. I saw that they had three flavors in stock: Blueberry, Raspberry, and Vanilla. They were expensive ($2.40 each), but I was intrigued I opted for a blueberry and vanilla.


I tried out the blueberry first because I have this idea that vanilla flavors are always the best by default for some reason (not sure why) so I saved it for last. Good call because the blueberry flavor wasn’t that great. When opened, I saw that there was a thin layer of water separation. I was a little disappointed, but decided to try and mix it up to see what happens. It turned very chunky with the fruit pieces, I tried it and it had this very grainy texture to it. It was kind of unsettling but the blueberry fruits and flavor was very good so I thought I wouldn’t mind, which wasn’t true at all. After about ten bites, the grainy texture was just too much, but I managed to finish it.

The following night I tried the vanilla, I had higher hopes for this one and I was correct. This one passed with flying colors. It looked great when I opened it, light eggshell yellow color the shade of the vanilla orchid and creamy. Upon the first spoonful the flavor was just delightful, not too sweet balanced with vanilla’s perfect floral and warm flavor profile. There’s a subtle coconut aftertaste that might linger, but I didn’t mind– I love coconuts. Might be harder for those that don’t really like the coconut taste.

Overall, I actually really liked it, at least the vanilla one. I would definitely purchase them again if I ever crave some yogurt-like dessert although duly noted not to get the blueberry one again.

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