Dog Haus


I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s grand opening of his franchised Dog Haus location in Corona last week. There were giving out free hot dogs all day and the line from their IG account seemed like it went off without a hitch. The line was out the door all day and night until 9:00pm where they decided to cut the line.

I’ve never been to a Dog Haus before since I’m not big on hot dogs or buns, but a brief search into their menu they do offer other items like burgers. So we went and got in line (gladly the weather wasn’t TOO chilly after the rain). I loved the decor, it was a little rustic, but modern with illustration screen prints of different types of sausages and meat related imagery. The colors of the store were simple: black and red with a splash of wood to give it this really nice organic feel to it in comparison to the addition of some metal framing.

For myself I had the Ava Maria Burger that originally came with mushrooms, lettuce, cheese, caramelized onions, patty, and the buns. I inquired if they did protein style burgers and they gladly informed me that they did, so I ordered mine protein style with no cheese. With the crowd it did take awhile for the food to come out, but I understood since everyone and their mothers were here for the free hot dogs. The food came out in brown paper trays as consistent with the rest of the store’s style and theme.

I wasn’t thrilled when I saw that my burger came out in a iceberg lettuce cup. The choice of lettuce was less than stellar when I thought there would’ve been much better selections of lettuce to choose from (red leaf, romaine, green leaf, etc.) Iceberg lettuce gave the burger a bland and watery texture to it, creating an even watery mess when chewing through it. Although I was quite impressed with the patty, it was cooked marvelously. Tender and juicy with the medium rare center to give it the perfect texture. They also seasoned it exceptionally well and with the addition of grilled mushrooms on top to give it that mild earthy flavor, it was delicious.

Their seating system is self-seating with a number given to you and they will bring you your food when it’s ready. Although I think a PA system or electronic number tracking system like Panera Bread’s would’ve worked a little better as I noticed that it was difficult for the staff since they don’t know where each customer is sitting so they have to walk around and find the table before the food can be delivered. It lacked efficiency. But overall, the staff was friendly and the food was really good. They already seem like they have a strong fan base, I wish them the best of luck. 🙂

Rating: ★★★★☆
Address: 350 N McKinley St, Corona, CA 92879
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-10pm
Saturday-Friday: 11am-11pm

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