Dear Humans,

In association to my own personal experience and what I’ve observed:

Yes, in a way money does buy happiness. With money comes stability and comfort knowing you can pay off your bills and you wouldn’t have to worry where your next meal will come from. With less worry, there’s more room to be happy. Who wouldn’t want to be happy, right? Girls deserve their happy endings, I understand that, but that doesn’t mean you have to expect a prince charming to give you that happy ending. You are far stronger and more capable than you realize.

But… Don’t hold it against these amazing princes out there that are searching for their queens if they can’t completely give you financial happiness. If he at least contributes, makes you happy, accepts all your flaws and understands you at your worst moments, those are what’s truly important. Of course, don’t let a man take advantage of you either, gold digging men can also be just as manipulative as women gold diggers. Be smart.


It’s always a compromise. You shouldn’t expect a man to make a certain amount just to be with them. It’s double standards and honestly fucked up. It’s very hard, especially nowadays. The housing market in California alone can financially kill someone let alone for millennials  be able to purchase one. A regular 3 bedroom can cost half a million dollars. HALF A MILL. IT’S RIDICULOUS. LOL. I can buy a MANSION with $300K outside of California. It shouldn’t be a shocker to see that a lot more people still living with their parents. How can you pay for a home if employers won’t pay enough to make a livable wage where you can actually put away money? Don’t even get me started on job searches…

Me being me, I don’t mind being the breadwinner in the household. I grew up with two amazingly workaholic parents so work and being ambitious was always a core value. I don’t need someone to financially take care of me when I can take care of myself. Honestly, it’s something y’all girls out there should start believing in too. How much a man makes shouldn’t be a qualifier. It’s archaic and shallow as fuck.

We have to start realizing the world isn’t perfect. We all wish to be millionaires and have the extra money, but we aren’t and we don’t. Guys shouldn’t need to be the main financial caretaker anymore, but we shouldn’t love them less or make it a deal breaker if they aren’t. Welcome to 2018. 🙂 They can still be great guys that’s going to treat and love you like a queen. Don’t knock them just because of money until you give them a chance.

We as women are fierce and amazing, we can fucking accomplish anything. Put 100% of yourself into something if you want it. Make it come true on our own terms. Having someone that loves us, even better– so go ahead and do that, love them for them, not for money.

Remember, be smart and always, #DreamBigPrincess.

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