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Can we talk about the fact that every time something becomes trendy for some reason plenty of hate comes along with it? Say, hipsters, mason jars, man buns, etc. You get the drift. There was one topic that hit particularly close to home that I wanted to talk a little about. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Yelp, and others like them there was a rise in “oversharing”. While I completely understand some aspects of that syndrome, I never quite understood when people would roll their eyes when someone posted a food photo.

Perhaps it’s because I work in the food and customer service industry that I love exploring new places and trying different dishes. Especially since I have a particular diet that I adhere to, I like to share places that you can grab a healthy bite (although I don’t exclude carb loaded yummy bites). I particularly enjoy taking food photos and writing reviews on places I’ve been to and sharing them on my social media sites. I see many people getting irritated with that idea saying “God, nobody cares what you eat so stop sharing so many of your photos,” while I’m over here thinking: You’ve missed the whole point why some people do it. At least to me it’s not just purely, ‘Oh, I’m eating something, I gotta share because everyone needs to know my business,’ God, of course not.

People miss the bigger picture. For me, the reason I share my food photos is because I want to spread the good vibes of sharing a delicious bite. I’ve always honestly believed that food is the best way to bond and create an environment where there’s happiness and joy. While I don’t mind eating alone every now and then (with a good book or two), but I’ve always found eating with people much more enjoyable than eating solo. It really does bring together people. I like sharing the experiences and supporting the smaller businesses. It’s a great way to get the word out AND you get something delicious in return. It’s a win-win!

Being able to introduce new and scrumptious food to people (especially the ones I love and care about) is what I enjoy, being able to see their delighted faces when they take that bite of food and witnessing their joy is the whole point why I like being a “foodie” as some people call it. So fuck everyone that says “nobody cares” because I love it when people share their food photos, allows me to eat with my eyes and add to my arsenal of places to try, always expanding my palate as I go. Take a stand and proudly share on!

Want more of my food shenanigans? Follow me at @imelpomene on Instagram! 🙂

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